Summer is winding down and we’re just starting to get some autumn like weather here in Denver.  I figured the time was right to take out this summer dress I picked up at Madewell (on super sale as always) while in New York.  It’s a bit risque for work, with cut outs on the sides.  So I kept my cardigan on all day while at school to cover up all the torso bits.  I even kept it on through the “I’m now sweating profusely because all of a sudden my admin/evaluator just walked in to hang out” moments of the day.  Bonus: the dress has huge pockets!

peek a boo5

peek a boo

peek a boo2

peek a boo3

peek a boo4

glasses: warby parker – cardigan: uniqlo – dress: madewell – shoes: saltwater sandals

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