A quick update from the last post:  I spent time discussing race with each one of my classes the next day.  Over the next few days, word had spread and individual students sought me out to talk about it.  We talked about so many things, and the students had a lot to contribute.

Each class’s discussion was different, and conversations morphed towards gender issues and consent.  I showed them this video showing a woman walking in NYC and dealing with catcalls and creepy men (I know that there is an issue with race in this video also, but I think the message overall is relevant).  As they watched it, I watched them.  It was interesting to see their reactions – none of them had seen the video before.  The girls faces either had horrified looks or nervous laughter (that weak laugh that we have been trained to do when they feel uncomfortable or scared).  The boys were either shocked or laughed.  It was a great learning opportunity and I’m happy I took the time out of traditional Biology curriculum for it.

Back to light hearted blogging!  This was what I wore that week.  Everything here is an oldie but goodie.  I’ve had these Pilcro loafers for ages, but never wear them.  I’m just too addicted to ankle boots!  I had listed them on my Poshmark closet, but decided to take down the listing in keep them after all.  I only just started listing things on Poshmark, and I’m feeling like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

zara tshirtpilcro flatsforever 21 cardigan

cardigan and jeans: f21 – t shirt: zara – belt: gap – shoes: anthropologie – jewelry: madewell, family heirloom – watch: pebble

2 thoughts on “Heavy and Light

  1. I’m so glad that you took the time to have these conversations with your students. They are some of the hardest conversations to have, but they matter so much. It’s our job as teachers to open their eyes to new experiences and guide them in understanding the world around them.

    I taught seventh and eighth graders in Phoenix, AZ for three years before relocating to DC to teach high school students. 95% of my students in Phoenix were Hispanic. I speak fluent Spanish, so my students assumed that I am Mexican, but from somewhere other than Sonora, where most of their families came from. Many of them also assumed that the remaining 5% of their peers, who were mainly black and Filipino, were also Mexican – again from another part of Mexico.

    We had a great conversation when I mentioned during a lesson that I had learned my Spanish in Spain – they were SHOCKED, but finally understood why my Spanish sounded “funny.” We had some amazing conversations about race, diversity, equality, and the injustices that they face as non-whites growing up in Arizona. These conversations were hard, but they matter. A lot of these students began to better understand and fight against the injustices they face as Latinos in the Southwest, and they began to better understand each other and one another’s cultures.

    These are tough moments, because we sometimes feel that we are at a loss. I’ve found that the best thing to do, what you did, is to be open and honest with kids about how this impacts you and how these ideas impact them. Their actions may not change right away, but your students will remember these conversations. They will remember you, years from now, as the teacher who opened their minds to be conscious of others.

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  2. Oh lawd help me! We wear the same size and I remember drooling over that J. Crew tank dress so long ago. I know that l’d never wear navy blue though.

    I looked into selling on Poshmark, but after browsing some listings, I decided against it. All I saw were potential buyers incessantly asking to trade or lower an item’s price, and when I read about “hosting” I knew we couldn’t be together.

    I stick with good old eBay. I’ve had handbags listed for months before they’ve sold, but that’s probably because the market is oversaturated. If I add a buy it now price I’ll get lowball offers once in a while, but they can be declined automatically.

    I think selling handbags, shoes, and clothes is a drag no matter which site you use. So much work goes into photos, listings, packaging, and shipping that I wonder if it’s worth it. Especially after I pay my eBay fees.


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