I’m determined to “zen it out” this semester.  How?  By doing fun stuff (and not stressing over the details)!  This past weekend was a three day weekend.  I went snowboarding.  I cleaned the house (boring!).  I had brunch with an amazing group of friends.  I went climbing at a new gym.  I cooked a kick-ass sunday night dinner type meal, on a Monday. It was a good day weekend.

I even broke myself out of the jeans + sweater rut I’ve been in at school all this month and broke out an *actual* skirt to wear.  Amazing.  This skirt has been collecting dust in my closet for close to 5 years now. I think it’s been reborn as a winter staple and I’m going to wear it all the time, starting now.  I’ve seen at least 2 other colleagues with the same J.Crew “city mini” in different colors this past month, and that inspired me to go rooting around for mine.  I’m happy to shop my own closet.

jcrew wool skirtjcrew city mini skirtjcrew city mini skirt2

glasses: warby parker – cardigan: uniqlo – t-shirt and tights: h&m – belt: gap – skirt: j.crew – boots: franco sarto

One thought on “Zen

  1. love it! I’m trying to wear skirts more too, its a good way to spice up the slow crawl to spring. yay zen!!! we are crushing it!


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