There are only 2 (two) more Fridays left in the school year. Final exams start tomorrow, and end by this Friday. I’m giving up on wearing anything more than jeans and t shirts from here on out. This is what I wore to school last Friday, because it snowed that day, and I was still cold. Harrumph.

THLT Patagonia snap t

THLT upper playground hunters point

THLT Patagonia pullover

pullover: patagonia – tshirt: upper playground – jeans: mother denim – shoes: vans – watch: fitbit blaze – belt: urban outfitters

4 thoughts on “Last Fridays

  1. Hey! I just got lost in the internets and found your blog. I love that you unabashedly bring your style to school. I’m also a teacher- HS world language- and what to wear is always something I’ve struggled with, in part because I teach in Ohio, which is pretty conservative, and I’m worried I’ll get weird glances from my colleagues, most of whom appear to have stepped out of JCPenney catalogs. Have you run into any issues with teachers or admins because of what you wear, or because of your tattoo?


    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve never taught anywhere I would call ‘conservative’ (lolz at the jcpenney catalog) so I’ve never run into anything with colleagues or admin. If anything I get positive comments!


    2. At the same time, if I ever were to get any flack from admin about clothing, I’d note it as a sign that their priorities are off base. There are bigger fish to fry in education that visible tattoos or skinny jeans.


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