This is a month late – school has been in for 4 weeks now. I’ve been busy. I’ve started mysef on a very strict 3 days a week workout session after school schedule, because for the first time ever, I’m paying out the nose for a monthly bougie gym membersip.  I’m also super motivated by money, so I have to get my money’s worth by taking at least 3 classes a week where I’m forced to beat my body into submission until my muscles are soaking in lactic acid all weekend. So reader, that’s why I haven’t been posting. My muscles hurt, and all I want to do when I get home is drink wine and eat Costco sized 6-layer dip and chips for dinner.

Therefore, a month later, here are photos I snapped of my school BFFs on the first day of school. There is Tom, in his proletariat 2.o outfit. Then there is Melissa, of whom I could only get one decent photo, because my camera ran out of bateries. You will be seing both of them again, one day. The comon thread this year in first day fashion, is ‘chill’, ‘ath-leisure’, and ‘I’m too cool for school’. Agree? I ❤ them.





One thought on “The First Days

  1. You all look great for the first day of school stress:) Comfortable is definitely the way to go at the start of the year!


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