Hey, ya’ll, hey. It’s been a while, but I’m still kicking. I’ve also still been shopping. The holidays are here, and that means massive sales, which means I’ve been having a really hard time resisting. I’ve also ramped up my love of high waisted denim, and picked up 4 new pairs of jeans in the past month alone. I think I should be set in the denim department for the next 4 years.

Here is one new pair, purchased recently from the sale racks at Anthropologie. They’re high waisted (though on my long body, they feel more like mid to high rise jeans), button fly, and made of the comfiest stretchiest super soft denim. The brand is Mother, which I already own 3 other pairs from. All of their denim is super comfy, hold up well in the wash, and flatter my bottom. None of this you can see in the photos below though, because I have it all covered with this long top which is probably a dress on most (also from the sale rack of Anthro recently).

THLT mother demin super stunner

THLT metalic peplum top

THLT mother demin

shirt and shoes: anthropologie – jeans: mother denim

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