Treat Yo Self!

After months of debate with feelings of yearning mixed with guilt, I bought myself a new computer.  Our school got a hard-to-staff bonus this past December, so that finally pushed me over the edge into “treat yo self” territory.  My last iMac lasted me 7 great years, but is now so old nothing works well.  It won’t even restart without freezing up!  Oh hai, new iMac!


While at the mall to pick up this new beast, B and I stopped into Banana Republic in search of new button down shirts for him.  He found nothing and I walked out with three new sweaters for about $20-$30 each.  Treat Yo Self.  Of course, I had to wear one of them the very next day.

banaba republic high low sweater

banaba republic

banaba republic2

sweater: banana republic – belt: gap – jeans: uniqlo – boots: madewell – necklace: from my mom – watch: pebble


Fallin for a Safety Net

There is something to be said about high quality professional development. When you participate in a good one, you can walk away with immediate ideas and an implementation strategy to try out the very next day. You know the PD was worth your time when you learn something new that blows your mind a bit and makes you excited to try it out. This was how I felt after a PD led by one of my colleagues recently on “close reading”. I had been struggling with teaching my students how to read independently AND gain useful information from their reading. None of my students in Brooklyn were reading at grade level and I never really knew how to teach them reading comprehension strategies. Of course I took a literacy class in my credential program, but that was more theory and not at all practical applications of teaching literacy.  At most, I annotated for/with them and hoped that things stuck after some questioning and discussion. Here in Denver, some of my honors kids are reading at or above grade level, but I still have a majority who will read fluently, but without full understanding. It’s refreshing to have a short PD that teaches you something concrete, useful and simple to implement the very next lesson. In addition, it’s super helpful to have somewhat of a safety net in the form of a fellow teacher right at your school to help clarify routines, and give you tips.  If you want more information on close reading, check this out (though it’s much more useful to see it in action).

fallin fallin2 fallin3

glasses: warby parker – cardigan: madewell – tank: banana republic – pants: urban outfitters – boots: steve madden

This outfit is from the day I incorporated close reading into my lesson on Potential and Kinetic Energy.  I know these pants aren’t the most flattering for my body type with it’s slouchy look.  But hot damn, they’re comfortable.  They were also just $15 from the sale section at Urban Outfitters.  They’re still on the website (but for $30 – I got them at an extra 50% off), the Silence and Noise Winston Trousers.  They’re thick and warm for this freezing weather in Denver, and have I mentioned how comfy they are yet??

The chop

I chopped my hair for my birthday this past month – more than 6 inches off.  It felt great, though I still just tie it up in a bun most days.  This day though, I wore it down.  It felt weird.  Also, it was back to school night, so that meant I was at school actively teaching/planning/talking to parents from 7am to 8pm.  In addition, my outfit turned out really matchy-matchy.  fun.

thechop2 thechop thechop3

shirt: anthropologie – belt: urban outfitters (old) – jeans: uniqlo – boots: madewell (old)

To a Tee

I found this skirt at the start of summer at Beacon’s closet.  My friend Grace and I were out for a lazy walk in our ‘hood when we stopped in on a whim.  I’d been there to root around a few times before, but generally speaking, thrifting is not something a get a thrill out of.  But this day was my lucky day!  Equal parts cheeky, cute and teacher friendly.  It also fit me to a tee.  Zing!  I don’t play golf at all.  My only experience with golf was back in ’98 when I went with a boyfriend at the time to the driving range (back when there was one in Mission Bay) where he hit (drove?) a bucket of balls and I just watched.
to a tee2

to a tee3

to a tee4

It was hot as hell today and some ridiculous percent humidity.  My hair was down for all of the five minutes it too me to take these photos at lunch.  Also, the sweat just makes my glasses slide right off — it’s a constant battle to push them up, which means I get to inadvertently give people the finger sometimes.

to a tee

glasses: warby parker (I really want them in seaglass blue too) – tank: super old banana republic – skirt: beacon’s closet – shoes: worishofer

Acceptable in the 80’s

I’ve got hugz for you if you were born in the 80’s, the 80’s.  Yeah.

I’m back!  Or rather, my classroom’s back!  Today was the first day of planning week at my school. The big guns start coming in on September 9th, so we’re spending the next few days looking at curriculum maps and STAs (standard-learning target-assessments).  My brain is turning on again.   I decided to bust out my 80’s shirt today – a F21 knock off of the various jersey type t-shirts worn by my fashion idol jayne min here and here. Granted, I’m a year late on this trend, but…whateves.     It’s not quite my year (spot on ’80!), but it’s close enough.

acceptable in the 80's

acceptable in the 80's 2

acceptable in the 80's 3

glasses: warby parker (my third pair!) – tshirt: f21 – skirt: super old banana republic – shoes: worishofer

to wed

B and I were lucky enough to attend a wedding of new friends Mandi and Keith at the Green Building the other night in Brooklyn.  It was gorgeous, fun and all around a fantastic time.  What a way to kick off spring break!

Of course, B and I had to snap a few pics prior to running out the door.  photo





I hadn’t worn this dress (Banana Republic) since 2007, for my friend Marissa’s wedding in Cali.  Good thing I kept it and brought it with me here to NY!  The shoes on the other hand were a last minute I-don’t-own-any-fancy-heels-for-black-tie freak out purchase from DSW’s clearance section.  So then there is B, cheekily copying my “blog posing” in his outfit.


A little photobooth fun with animal masks.  Why the hell not, right?


The view from up top

Last friday, B and I were lucky enough to be a part celebrating the “becoming one” of Kyle and Heather, at the Top of The Mark.  The view was breathtaking, the happy newlywed couple was stunning and festivities were fantastic.

I’ve been loving the shots using my iPhone app Camera Awesome lately, so I haven’t even been bothering with lugging around my usual camera.  I bought this dress (from Banana Republic on super sale) at the beginning of last year and wore it once, to prom (may 2011).  It’s been siting in my closet ever since.   I love the color (mint!), it fits me perfectly and I like the look.  My brother-in-law Dave called it a toga once…and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.   Now B calls it ‘the toga dress’ too.

I didn’t get any full length shots of the dress, so I found another blogger who did here.

fern fancy

Today’s outfit was fern crazy.  Surprised by kids again today — no comments on the fancy tights.  huh.  go figure.  I suspect it’s because I made them sing group written songs about nutrition to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star.  It’s really great when kids can laugh at themselves.  I genuinely feel like it helps kids learn how to cope with being on the spot in an embarrassing situation.  Especially when they have a built-in support structure in the form of group members who are also in the same situation.  The group support and the entire class also signing silly embarrassing songs takes away most if not all of the horrifying embarrassment.  I wish you could have all seen it. It was amazing!

My example song that I had to sing by myself to three different health classes today:

vegies vegies oh so green, hope I eat enough of you.     So much better for my health, than a package of Cheetos….vegies vegies oh so green. hope I eat enough of you.   Huzzah!!

I love these tights.  They remind me of sporophytes running up the backs of fern fronds.  or just the leaves.  I didn’t get all OCD this morning with the lines like I usually do.  Oh well.
glasses: warby parker – cardigan and tights: j. crew – tank: target – vest and necklace: f21 – pencil skirt: banana republic – booties: nine west