Feeling Hawaii

It’s pouring down rain here in Denver as I type. I’m still in my dress from earlier when it was 85˚. Today I wore a dress to school with palm trees and swingy shape that makes me think of Hawaii. I’ve been to Hawaii once, when I was 12, on spring break vacation with my family. It was the first time I ever experienced a sunburn, and it. was. so. bad. I never really knew what peeling skin meant till then. At the end of the week, I had freckles for the first and only time in my life. Now I just get “sun spots” and “sun damage” even though I wear sunblock religiously. Curses.

Palm tree dress h&m

This dress is a recent back-to-school purchase from H&M. It’s works well for the classroom because it’s long enough, breezy, and unfussy. On the H&M website, the dress is almost a maxi.  On me, it just reaches the top of my shin. =) I’m debating buying the same dress in the other pattern while its still on sale. It’s not the greatest material (not very breathable polyester), but it’s so easy to grab this and have a no brainer outfit in the morning.

h&m patterned dress

swedish hasbeens x h&m

swedish hasbeens x h&m clogs

Palm tree dress

dress: h&m – shoes: h&m x swedish hasbeens


I’m on a countdown to summer. I have actually been on this countdown since spring break! After tomorrow, there will only be four Fridays till the last day of school. I have a couple posts still waiting to go up. Last week I took photos and couldn’t find time to post them. I’ve been busy gardening everyday after school. I totally get the whole “gardening is my zen time” thing. Its physical, it’s quiet, and I get to pull things out by the roots (oddly therapeutic). Bonus: pretty flowers like these!

I bought this cardigan a week ago in store and on sale (as always), and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I had this picture from Pinterest in mind and I was hoping I could copy the look with this cardigan.  I think it falls aesthetically short though with its thick fabric and too slouchy shape (too big for me). No compliments from kids so far either. It does make a good classroom sweater though, since it has pockets. What do you guys think?

madewell memento fringe cardigan4

madewell memento fringe cardigan3

madewell memento fringe cardigan2

madewell memento fringe cardigan

sweater: madewell – t-shirt: zara – jeans: mother via anthropologie – shoes: swedish hasbeens – necklaces: f21

One Two

First day of school with students was this past Monday and Tuesday.  Both days – 9th graders only on Monday and all the rest on Tuesday. So I had in effect 2 first days of school.  This is what I wore on day one and day two of the first day(s) of school.  For me teaching is like childbirth (or so I hear).  It’s agony sometimes, but then your mind seems to block all that stuff away after a break from the agony.  The summer must have given my brain time to block a lot of the agony away, because I. Am. Exhausted.  It’s been 11-13 hour days all this week and lots of mental strain trying to get organized and learn 110 names and faces.  Much of it has to do with the fact that I’m starting a new school and teaching one (physics) and a half new courses.  The half is because 2 of my 4 sections are Honors Biology, and I’ve only ever taught at non-tracking schools in the past.  I’m generally not a fan of tracking students, but I’ll admit it’s going to challenge me more as I now have to up the bio game.





day one –  dress: thrift store find – belt: h&m – shoes: madewell – glasses: warby parker – day two – tshirt and belt: jcrew – skirt: anthropologie – sweater: uniqlo – shoes: sweedish hasbeens

the 4th

B is actually working today till 2pm.  So i’m heading to IKEA to buy yet some more stuff.  Our entire apartment is now IKEA, no joke.  It’s functional, actually decent looking and most importantly, it’s what we can afford.

It’s 84˚ F outside right now, so I’m trying to delay the sweaty mess that I’m inevitably going to become.  Party later tonight to watch the fireworks.  Looking forward to it.  Maybe I should patriot it up and change into some red/white/blue and sing “america, f— yeah!”  Then again, maybe not.  Happy birthday, America!

tank: hanes – skirt and sunnies: anthropologie (old) – belt: h&m – sandals: swedish hasbeens for h&m

NYC Pride

I’m thankful to live in a city where marriage discrimination hasn’t existed for the past year. What’s up Cali? What keeping you so backwards? People are people so why should it be?  Anyways, B and I checked out the NYC version of the Pride parade yesterday, and these are a few pics off his camera.

After escaping the crowds, B and I headed over to the Bowery Hotel‘s rooftop bar, where we caught a set by my hometown faves, Geographer.  I’ve gushed about them already here.  I found out about it last minute, from their FB page.  Good thing!  The show was intimate (only about 50 people, max!), fun and all around awesome.  Cool venue too.  I was soo excited to see them play.  I’ve been missing SF loads lately, so their set was a welcome reminder of SF.  I was major SUPERFAN.

It was the perfect cap to our weekend.  So was this awesome mural B and I happened upon while walking over to the Bowery Hotel.  It was fate, these shorts matched perfectly.

sunnies: f21 – v-neck: threads for thought – shorts: unknown/forgotten brand from tobi.com – bag: freitag – sandals: sweedish hasbeens for h&m – lipstick: nars heat wave (appropriate name considering the new york weather lately, no?)