It’s pouring down rain here in Denver as I type. I’m still in my dress from earlier when it was 85˚. Today I wore a dress to school with palm trees and swingy shape that makes me think of Hawaii. I’ve been to Hawaii once, when I was 12, on spring break vacation with my family. It was the first time I ever experienced a sunburn, and it. was. so. bad. I never really knew what peeling skin meant till then. At the end of the week, I had freckles for the first and only time in my life. Now I just get “sun spots” and “sun damage” even though I wear sunblock religiously. Curses.

Palm tree dress h&m

This dress is a recent back-to-school purchase from H&M. It’s works well for the classroom because it’s long enough, breezy, and unfussy. On the H&M website, the dress is almost a maxi.  On me, it just reaches the top of my shin. =) I’m debating buying the same dress in the other pattern while its still on sale. It’s not the greatest material (not very breathable polyester), but it’s so easy to grab this and have a no brainer outfit in the morning.

h&m patterned dress

swedish hasbeens x h&m

swedish hasbeens x h&m clogs

Palm tree dress

dress: h&m – shoes: h&m x swedish hasbeens

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