The First Days, Version 8.1

The first day of school for us here in Denver was a couple of weeks ago.  Years past, I always carefully chose my first day of school outfit – something that was serious and professional, while still laid back enough to signal that I was a real human being and not a robot. This year though, I spent maybe 5 minutes thinking about what to wear the night before. I’m looping with my kids this year – I taught about half of them last year for 10th grade Bio, and now again this year for 11th grade Chem. So these kids already know me directly or at least by reputation. They’re already broken in.

The first day back at my school is a freshman 9th grade only day, so I get the whole day free to myself in my classroom, working – which is glorious. So I chilled out in a loose top and stretchy jeans. For my real first day of school, I smarted up by wearing an Oliver Bonas dress that made me feel very “age appropriate” at 37. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’m still on the fence. Is there such a thing as age appropriate anymore? I think yes – but that’s a whole other ball of wax that will need to be tackled another day in another blog post.

THLT anthropologie swing top

THLT anthropologie swing top 2

THLT anthropologie smocked swing top

THLT anthropologie smocked swing top2

top: anthropologie – belt: banana republic – jeans: mother denim – shoes: target

THLT oliver bonas lexi dress

THLT oliver bonas dress

THLT oliver bonas lexi jacquard dress2

THLT oliver bonas lexi dress2

THLT oliver bonas lexi jacquard dress

THLT oliver bonas dress2
dress: oliver bonas – shoes: target – lipstick: bo ho cosmetics in 103

Day of Silence

Last week the Gay-Straight Alliance at my school organized a Day of Silence, to represent the marginalization of LGBTQQ youth and the silencing of their voices. As part of the day of silence we wore black as a symbol of our support for our LGBTQQ students. I’m not too crazy about this outfit, and there isn’t really much to say about it, except for the fact that this new sweater of mine from COS has extra long sleeves, and thumb holes.

Instead, I’ll tell you about my nightmare of a morning, and how glad I am for not flipping out. As a teacher, there are a lot of things worse than technology not working.  A fight could happen, a kid could lose it and cuss you out, you could lose your shit and cry in front of a class. Today though, it really felt like one of the worst mornings, ever. In retrospect, it wasn’t even close to being the worst, but it sure felt that way by the time I got a breather from students.

So…there is this cool new documentary called Before the Flood out about climate change. The 9th grade bio teacher who told me about it said her kids really got into it, and she even had a worksheet ready to go!  I was all set for a chill day of watching a documentary and discussing the juicy bits. I bought the movie on iTunes, and watched it myself last night to prep. Come 1st period this morning, I was hit with a High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) error when I tried to play the darn movie.

It was like dead air on the radio station as I scrambled to troubleshoot the Promethian Board and my laptop display settings. No luck. I could feel my blood pressure rising as the kids stared at me blankly. One kid decided it was cool to yell “just play it already!” or something to that effect. I told the kids to work on their homework while I tried to figure it out, the stress constriction forming in my chest and throat. For the rest of the period, I tried to trouble shoot. As the bell rang, I found the same movie, the full version, online for free. OMFG. As I’m recounting my morning story, my stress levels are going up again. So I’m going to stop here and go be one with my couch. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

THLT cos2

THLT cos

THLT cos3

glasses: warby parker – sweater: cos – belt: banana republic (old) – jeans: f21 (old) – shoes: target

How’s School So Far?

This school year has been pretty awesome so far. The honeymoon period is definitely over, and these kids are still just absolutely amazing. This year I’m teaching Biology, Honors Biology, and AP Biology. With three classes to prep for I’m definitely not short on work, but it feels doable still. AP Bio is a new class for me, and it hasn’t been taught at my school for a long time (if ever? who knows with the level of teacher turnover at my school).  That means I’m basically getting the course off the ground from scratch. Thankfully it’s a tiny class (14 brave kiddos!) and there are great resources to pull from online (Bozeman Science, I love you!). So there’s that.

I have awesome kids this year. Seriously I feel like Im in an alternate universe sometimes. I have kids who actually thank me daily for a good lesson. Today we examined case studies of homeostasis gone wrong (disease), and my students had to diagnose patients and design a treatment plan to get homeostasis back on track. One kid hung back and told me, “thanks, miss! That was really fun today, I think I want to be a doctor because that was so interesting!” Seriously.  Like, Srsly.

B was out of town this past weekend, so I went shopping as usual. I found this sweater/tank/turtleneck/side-boob top at Nordstrom Rack and decided it was a good lazy morning top. It was a big hit.  Teachers and students complemented me on it all day, and some people even asked to touch it. You know it’s got cool texture when people want to touch it. I’m pretty happy with this purchase. Also, I’ve been obsessed with this woman named Sophia Chang on Instagram lately, and I’m trying to steal some of her style points.








sweater: free people – tank and shoes: target – jeans: current elliot – lips: glossier in fig

The Mountains Are Calling

A couple weeks ago B and I went to the Denver Flea, where I picked up this gem of a t-shirt from Mile High Clothing Co. I love craft fairs/flea markets for finding t-shirts, and this one has quickly become my new favorite. John Muir is one of my favorite naturalists, second only to Charles Darwin.

The mountains are calling and I must go. I have been so antsy for summer. In two and a half weeks, we will be administering final exams for our 9-11th graders. Summer is calling my name, loudly.

mile high clothing mountains

the mountains are calling and i must go

cardigan: jcrew – tshirt: mile high clothing co – belt: banana republic – jeans: mother denim – sandals: mossimo

Winter is Still Here

This is what I wore today.  It was 80˚F today, and we are forecast to get up to a foot of snow over the weekend. This weather is cray, and my legs haven’t seen the sun in months. At least I got to test out my new sandals this week. B and I were at Target for what I promised to be “just a quick trip for essentials” when I spied a buy one get one 1/2 off sale in the shoe section. Obviously, I had to take a peek. I walked away with these bad boys and B walked away from Target swearing he’d never fall for that trick again.

mossimo gladiator sandals3

mossimo gladiator sandals2

mossimo gladiator sandals

sweater: j.crew – dress: f21 – sandals: mossimo/target

rock genius

A perfect science teacher shirt for me: a math/science genius emblazoned on a t-shirt in the style of the rock gods of the 80’s and 90’s. This Target tee was quite the find and right up my alley. As it turns out, it’s a huge hit with the kids too.

♬ I’m a little bit science  ♬
And I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll ♪
I’m a little bit of Watson and Crick
With a little bit of Darwin in my soul
I don’t know if it’s good or bad
But I know I love it so  ♪

rock genius3
rock genius
rock genius2

glasses: warby parker – t shirt: target – skirt: j.crew – shoes: super old nine west

Some Random Tuesday

These are from last week, when we were all stressed over our School Quality review. It also happened to be one of the first beautiful spring days of 2013.  Of course, now that the SQR is over and we can actually enjoy life again, it’s overcast and cold. On this day last week, my legs made an appearance for the fist time this year.  Hello spring!  I’m also a particular fan of this sweater, found in the clearance cave of Anthropologie.  B hates it – he says it’s too granny hipster for him.  Whateves, I LOVE IT.  Tuesday3


Tuesday 4

glasses: bonlook – necklace: unicorn crafts – sweater: anthopologie – belt and skit: j.crew – shoes and white tank: target

Smocks of Michelle

There’s no way to start this post without sounding stalker-ish so here goes:  I’m so semi-obsessed (oxymoron, I know) with Michelle Williams, I feel the need to emulate her style as a neighbor of her neighborhood.  I mean, who doesn’t want to copy this?

On a less stalker-ish note, I’ve also been semi-obsessed with finding the perfect summer smock dress.  I’ve always loved smock dresses.  To me they exude comfort, style, simplicity and minimalism, all while being sexy in a very subversive way.  Great examples here, here and here.

B on the other hand, strongly disagrees with me on the subtly sexy bit.  I brought this dress home the other day, and he instantly called it the B.W.G.D. — “big white grandma dress”.  He likens it to a large shapeless sack-ish grandma’s nightgown, the type his grandmother in Minnesota wears.  He thinks Grandma, I think Michelle – grandma shoes and everything.  thoughts?

dress: gap – sandals: worishofer – bag: target – glasses: warby parker – lips: nars heat wave

a little somethin somethin

instagram wrap up

Bombay Bicycle Club @ Webster Hall – check them out here.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – summer school field trip, the kids’ favorite part, the koi.

New computer!!  The weight difference between this Macbook Air and my old Macbook is amazeballs.  My shoulder can stop aching now, and my mom can replace her 9 year old dinosaur with a 2.5 year old dinosaur. (also, yesterday was my birthday.  yay for aging)

New clutch/carry all from Target.  I like the print, the color, but feel the price is a little high for the quality of the fabric.  I love the design of this, but not crazy about the color.  Should I get it for the fall and risk looking like a Coachella fail?Running poop on 5th ave.

American Museum of Natural History – not as great at the California Academy of Sciences, but pretty awesome in it’s own right.

Bambi is home!  I’m so happy to have my baby with me again.  She’s adjusting to apartment living, the heat and the new space.

Naruto Ramen on 5th Ave – my new neighborhood noodle place.

Kind of gross but kind of awesome lamp sighted at the Brooklyn Flea.

brunch with aly

Brunch with Aly!  We went to Savor, over on 24th street.  Easy, fast, yummy and won’t break the bank too hard.  Aly is my friend Marisa and her hubby Al’s kid.  Aly is almost 3 and a squirmy little kid, as expected.  She’s so cute!

big kid clothes– sunnies and cords: f21 – shirt: levis – t shirt: target – belt: old gap – shoes: vans – tote: marc by marc jacobs – that thing that looks like a pager but it actually a glorified pedometer: fitbit