instagram wrap up

Bombay Bicycle Club @ Webster Hall – check them out here.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – summer school field trip, the kids’ favorite part, the koi.

New computer!!  The weight difference between this Macbook Air and my old Macbook is amazeballs.  My shoulder can stop aching now, and my mom can replace her 9 year old dinosaur with a 2.5 year old dinosaur. (also, yesterday was my birthday.  yay for aging)

New clutch/carry all from Target.  I like the print, the color, but feel the price is a little high for the quality of the fabric.  I love the design of this, but not crazy about the color.  Should I get it for the fall and risk looking like a Coachella fail?Running poop on 5th ave.

American Museum of Natural History – not as great at the California Academy of Sciences, but pretty awesome in it’s own right.

Bambi is home!  I’m so happy to have my baby with me again.  She’s adjusting to apartment living, the heat and the new space.

Naruto Ramen on 5th Ave – my new neighborhood noodle place.

Kind of gross but kind of awesome lamp sighted at the Brooklyn Flea.

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