Today was hardcore – as in I actually got to talk about metal music with a couple of my kids while they worked on missing assignments for physics.  I have a special spot in my heart for hardcore, screamo and all around metal music.  I was obsessed with bands like Marylin Manson and Ministry in the late 90’s, then moved on to stuff like Deftones and Will Haven in the early 2000’s.  That kind of music, while not for everyone, really spoke to me as an angsty 20 year old.  I love every chance I get to talk about this stuff and will wax on for days about various hardcore bands and my favorite songs.  I have a few boys in my physics class who share my love for all things metal-ish in music.  Needless to say, they are a few of my favorite peoples now a days.  Not only that, these boys will actually check in after school with me to ask how my day is going when they know I’ve had a rough one.  These are the silver linings we teachers will always remember.

My outfit today wasn’t too hardcore – the J.Crew shirt lends a lot of sweetness, as does the unicorn necklace.  But I feel hardcore all the same.  Black jeans and red lipstick will do that for any outfit. hardcore hardcore2 hardcore3

shirt and belt: j.crew – jeans: uniqlo – boots: madewell – necklaces: unicorn crafts – lipstick: revlon lip butters in “red velvet”

put a bird on it

I’ve been away for these past couple weeks.  There was camping, a college tour trip with my crew to upstate NY, and just plain ole’ lack of motivation.  It’s the end of a trying week, so this morning i figured I’d just put a bird on it and be done with it.

bird on it

bird on it2

bird on it3

bird on it4

cardigan and tights: h&m – dress: hi there by karen walker (old, from perth) – boots: steven – bag: freitag – necklace: unicorn crafts

Some Random Tuesday

These are from last week, when we were all stressed over our School Quality review. It also happened to be one of the first beautiful spring days of 2013.  Of course, now that the SQR is over and we can actually enjoy life again, it’s overcast and cold. On this day last week, my legs made an appearance for the fist time this year.  Hello spring!  I’m also a particular fan of this sweater, found in the clearance cave of Anthropologie.  B hates it – he says it’s too granny hipster for him.  Whateves, I LOVE IT.  Tuesday3


Tuesday 4

glasses: bonlook – necklace: unicorn crafts – sweater: anthopologie – belt and skit: j.crew – shoes and white tank: target


Is there a better day than today for some SF love?  I don’t normally watch/care about football.  But today I’m rooting for the team from my hometown, the San Francisco 49ers.  That is, until they become the Santa Clara 49ers.  Happy sunday, everyone.  Here’s hoping SF fan’s don’t burn down the city tonight.  SF love


necklace: unicorn crafts – tshirt: h&m – jeans: bdg – boots: steve madden

so funny

Its a new year, and we were back in school on the 2nd.  In SF, we usually got a full 2 weeks off for winter holiday.  Here in NY, it’s a “measly” but well enjoyed week and a half.  Woe is me.  I was ready to be back with my kids, and more than ready to flex my humor bone.  B laughs at me my jokes all the time usually.  The only time I ever hear crickets in my class is when I make a silly science pun.   It’s a good thing that I like poop and fart jokes too otherwise I’d never get a reaction out of them.  So I decided to end the first week back with a bang of a t-shirt.  I was breaking the unspoken “teacher professional” dress code at my school by wearing a t-shirt.  gasp!  with jeans.  double gasp!  None of my professionally dressed colleagues said anything, and I got many chuckles from the kids, so whateves.
so funny

This t-shirt is pretty old.  So is the cardigan which is now half the size it used to be thanks to many rounds of washing (everything shrinks for me, even when washed strictly in cold water and air dried).  What is new are the rain booties.  We all know I have a thing for booties, and with the harsh Brooklyn weather combined with my daily trek to/from school, I figured I could justify adding a pair of weather proof booties to my collection.  Also, LL Bean had a 30% off Bean boots promotion one of the days leading up to Christmas, so I jumped on it.  So cute and so New England-ish, no?

so funny

so funny

cardigan: super old from therapy in SF – tshirt: loyal armyhigh waisted jeans: bdg – boots: ll bean – necklace: unicorn crafts – lipstick: coral colours #867, send from australia by B’s mom (it’s pretty awesome)

Last bit – I’m a bread making machine lately since B got me a cast iron dutch oven for christmas.  The easiest classic recipe ever, though I’m on the lookout for flavor tinkering changes (hello sourdough starter!!!).  It’s my cheat day today so I plan on eating this entire loaf.

MMmmmm  Breeeead

Hey, Miss! What can I do to raise my grade?

“So..Miss? What can I do to raise my grade?”
“Ummm….you can do your work for once because right now it’s too little too late buddy, you’re shit out of luck let’s see what you are missing and hopefully you can complete it by the end of today, which is when I have to turn in grades.”

It never fails: on the day grades are due, a full 3 days since my deadline for turning in late work, I always get some kid who tries to complete all their missing work in one fell swoop. It’s not going to happen buddy. What is going to happen now is bi-weekly progress reports.

This is me leaving school late in the evening, but not even close to being the last one out– head cut off because no one is ever cute after such a long day with teenagers.

necklace: unicorn crafts – scarf: who knows anymore, it’s hella old and actually pretty boring – dress: old madewell that is finally on sale (never mind, they’re sold out) – cardigan: j.crew – coats (that’s right, I’m wearing 2 now since it’s so cold): marmot and h&m (old)- tights and hidden heat tech shorts underneath: uniqlo – boots: boutique 9 – same old same old bag: freitag

friday checks

Not done with the plaid just yet.  A second plaid/checked flannel from Uniqlo. Totally unnecessary to have two checked flannels, but I am weak willed.  They’re totally different colors!  My mom joined in with her own plaid – she knows what’s up.

I came home from school to a surprise envelope today.  B is the best random gift giver/I read your blog entry and got you something gifter ever.

Yay giraffes!  Unicorn Crafts –> ridiculously cute jewelry like my Narwhal.

striper, not stripper

I bought this dress a while ago, and decided the weather was just cool enough today to wear it again.  The material is cheap polyester that doesn’t breathe, so if it’s too hot out, it sticks.   Can’t ask for too much though, it’s from Forever 21 and it was ridiculously cheap at $15 or something.  I got loads of compliments on it today, so I figured I needed to take the time to put it on here…and I don’t have to lesson plan for tomorrow.  yay!!!! It’s like a free night!  I still have an albeit smallish stack of grading/giving feedback though so it’s not entirely free–it’s just discounted.  The did-you-catch-that-bio-joke-I-just-made face, and the you-better-check-yourself face.  I’m covering organic compounds in class right now, and I made a joke about carbon being the elemental popular kid.  I think I was the only one who chuckled at the joke.   I also had 3 almost blow ups in class today.  I was able to diffuse 2 of them, but I’m pretty sure I now have at least one teacher-student relationship to mend.  One thing’s for sure though, that mending is going to start with this kid actually doing some work in class.

glasses: bonlook – necklace: unicorn crafts (btw, how cute is this?  seriously!!) – dress with belt: f21 – shoes: madewell