friday checks

Not done with the plaid just yet.  A second plaid/checked flannel from Uniqlo. Totally unnecessary to have two checked flannels, but I am weak willed.  They’re totally different colors!  My mom joined in with her own plaid – she knows what’s up.

I came home from school to a surprise envelope today.  B is the best random gift giver/I read your blog entry and got you something gifter ever.

Yay giraffes!  Unicorn Crafts –> ridiculously cute jewelry like my Narwhal.

striper, not stripper

I bought this dress a while ago, and decided the weather was just cool enough today to wear it again.  The material is cheap polyester that doesn’t breathe, so if it’s too hot out, it sticks.   Can’t ask for too much though, it’s from Forever 21 and it was ridiculously cheap at $15 or something.  I got loads of compliments on it today, so I figured I needed to take the time to put it on here…and I don’t have to lesson plan for tomorrow.  yay!!!! It’s like a free night!  I still have an albeit smallish stack of grading/giving feedback though so it’s not entirely free–it’s just discounted.  The did-you-catch-that-bio-joke-I-just-made face, and the you-better-check-yourself face.  I’m covering organic compounds in class right now, and I made a joke about carbon being the elemental popular kid.  I think I was the only one who chuckled at the joke.   I also had 3 almost blow ups in class today.  I was able to diffuse 2 of them, but I’m pretty sure I now have at least one teacher-student relationship to mend.  One thing’s for sure though, that mending is going to start with this kid actually doing some work in class.

glasses: bonlook – necklace: unicorn crafts (btw, how cute is this?  seriously!!) – dress with belt: f21 – shoes: madewell

in between the storms and the races

It stormed like crazy last night.  We don’t get real lightning and thunder very often here in SF, so when it does happen everyone talks about it.  City dwelling high schoolers reverted to grade school kids sharing their fears.  It’s funny here in SF: earthquake? “Meh, no biggie.”  Thunder? “OMG that was sooo scary!”  The storms cleared today, but it looks like another one might be rolling in this evening.  I took advantage of the lunchtime sunshine.  Too much blue?

My mom gave me this necklace about a year ago when she was going through a rough time.  She picked this necklace out when she was 12 years old in Saigon, Vietnam.  Her favorite uncle had given her money for something like this just before he died.  The character (in cantonese, which we speak at home) is “fook”, which means good luck or good fortune.  These necklaces are not meant to be taken on and off frequently, so I just leave it on all the time.  Wearing it all the time also means I tend to get sideways glances/stares from chinese people on the street.

Asian people tend to think I’m Caucasian and and vice versa.  Kids are usually obsessed with questions like “what are you Ms. Schenck” at the beginning of the year.  Last semester, I made it a point to tell them flatly, “I’m San Franciscan American” and left it at that, redirecting each time.  Mostly, they would get visibly frustrated and try to guess.  Eventually, after much explanation and discussion, they stopped asking.  They laughed when I pointed out that other countries don’t obsessively classify their residents by skin color (hello, I’m Chinese Brazilian!  or hi, I’m African Australian!).  They agreed that knowing my ethnic background would in the end have no relevancy.  But they still just wanted to know.  So they went out and asked around and eventually figured it out.  I understand when they talk shit in Chinese, after all.

shirt: levis (last seen here) – dress: many belles down (orange version seen here) – belt and tights: j.crew – boots: h&m – other necklace: unicorn crafts (last seen here) – bag: f21

The Maritol

The Maritol, China Basin, San Francisco
image source

I’m on a Boat!  More than a few years ago, I visited the Maritol for the first time. At the time, there was one dude living on the ship and it wasn’t very decked out.  Since then, the Maritol has changed pretty dramatically, with a hot tub addition and a warmer atmosphere.   I was lucky enough to visit the ship a second time around last week when B and I were invited to a Boat! party.

An invitation to a boat party to me is just another excuse for nautical stuff.  I think B had the same thought because when we met up to go to the party, we were both wearing blue stripes.  He’s such a biter.

Narwhals are so magical!  I picked up this Narwhal necklace at the Renegade Craft Fair this past December from the Unicorn Crafts Booth.  

glasses: bonlook – cardigan and pants: j.crew – top: anthropologie (old) – boots: steve madden – jewelry: unicorn crafts, gifts from B and made by me

I’m not going to lie, the whole evening on the boat this video was playing through my head.