I’ve been really naughty lately.  Naughty with my wallet. It’s hard to resist all the great deals all the stores have this month. I go out to do my christmas shopping, but then I end up putting up my conscience blinders and “forget” that I should be shopping for other people.


darn you J.Crew for having such cute stuff on sale.  20111214-193448.jpg


The yellow raincoat I found at Anthropologie on super sale.  I drooled over it when it first came out.  I’ve worn it to school these past three days. Comments I’ve received thus far from students (an other teachers!):

“good morning Ms. Bright!”

“What the hell are you wearing?  I’m blinded!!”

“That so cute!  Why don’t you ever look like a teacher?”

“it’s not raining in here. why are you wearing that.”

“Hi Ms. Schenck, you look happy today!”  that’s because I’m wearing a new coat!!!

To be fair, I did end up getting gifts for others.  Case in point:  got bambi some woodland creatures in sweaters as friends.  Never mind that they are actually candles.  And that they look so cute in my hallway!  Bambi loves her new friends!

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