I’m in the midst of the second week of Winter Vaca.  Christmas vaca has traditionally meant 3 things:  shopping (for myself and others),   Eating lots (and feeding my recipe guinea pigs),  slacking.  on EVERYTHING (except shopping and eating)

This year has been no different, and my blog has suffered.  A few products of my vaca.

Soft gingerbread men and women using the recipe from Tartine’s Cookbook

Mussels in a bacon and white wine sauce

tree transport with the trusty maroon stallionchristmas booty under a dead dried out tree that looked great for only about a week. Note to self: douglas firs are cheap, fluffy and smell great, but last only about a week before losing all color and getting crunchy.  I murdered a tree.
drinking!  We went to the Renegade Craft Fair where I shopped.  a lot.  Then we rewarded ourselves even more with beers.
and finally, a clip from one of my absolute favorite movies and the inspiration for this post:

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