Coming to Los Angeles means two things: hanging out with family and eating noodles.

LA to me = San Gabriel, Alhambra, Rosemead, Monterey Park.  LA, the asian part.  I’m ok with that though because this part of LA has the best noodles ever, all kinds.  The best Pho, the best fun and mein ever, the best ramen ever.  I would happily eat only noodles while I’m here in asian LA.

For lunch today we went to a ramen place in Rosemead called Shin Sen Gumi.  So yummy, even yummier than Katana-ya in SF which is my favorite in the city.

Gyoza, char siu tacos and spam misubi.  Om nom nom.

our ramen: Kris’s (sister’s) with roe and egg, Eddie’s (my cousin) with extra char siu and mine with extra char siu and spicy miso.  Holy crap it was yum.

I swear this is the first time ever I’ve been able to eat noodles without geting splashes all over my top. Kris and Eddie helped me snap photos.  Kris was sure to remind me to give her photo credit, so here it is.  Photo credit to my sister, Kris.  and Eddie.

The ultimate LA background…the parking lot of a strip mall.  

There’s my new bag!!!  I was super excited to find this at Nordie’s Rack last week.  It’s the perfect size, color and it has a cross-body strap.  Not to mention it was a steal.

sunglasses and glasses: bonlook – coat: gap (hella old) – top and jeans: f21 – belt: gap (hella old) – flats: frye – bag: pour la victoire

Family photo time.  My mom, sister, Popo and me.  Popo doesn’t remember who I am anymore. Popo needs round the clock care now and she talks to herself a lot.  But she still mentions how tall I am every time she sees me.  “Wah.  hou gouw ahhh.”  some things never change.

3 thoughts on “ramen love

  1. Ew SPAM! Funnily enough, I also had some while I was in Hawaii — we did a mixed grill one night and I did some SPAM “steaks” and forced everyone to eat one 😉


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