SF has been experiencing some very unseasonable weather lately.  It worries me/bugs me. Not that I can’t appreciate 70+ degree winter weather in SF.  I love it in the city.  But great weather comes with a price, and for me that large price is the lack of snow in Tahoe.   I was hoping for a long ski season, but alas, not with this gorgeous weather.

B, Bambi and I decided to take advantage of the unseasonable weather last weekend by taking Bambs to her favorite place in the city: Ocean beach.  She luuuuves the beach. Ocean Beach is Bambi’s favorite by far because 1) there aren’t as many dogs there compared to fort funston (she’s anti-social to an extreme degree) and 2) there aren’t many hills to climb.  So she got to prance, run and sniff (on leash of course) to her satisfaction at  the beach.

Bambi attack!  She’s mean.  Really, she’s mean.  Because she’s scared…you know, small dog stuff.

Her favorite person (besides me of course)—>

top: f21 – jeans: paige – bag: freitag, sunglasses – h&m

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