Where the Heart Is

Last weekend, B and I went back home to San Francisco for a friend’s wedding (it was super fun!). Whenever I go back to SF, I stay at my mom’s house which is in the Glen Park neighborhood in the city. It’s my childhood home and where I lived up until B and I moved to Brooklyn together in 2012.

I have very fond memories of the neighborhood, and have watched it change slowly over the last 38 years. Whenever I walk through the streets of Glen Park, I’m always reminded of something from when I was a kid – my elementary school has been running since 1938, the same coffee shop is on the corner, the trees are all still the same, and I still see many of the same faces around. This last trip coincided with the annual Glen Park Festival, which meant live music and a number of vendors were out selling things like jewelry and t-shirts. The moment I spied a Glen Park-Giants shirt, I had to snap one up even though the only size left was a men’s large! I’m heading to the Giants vs. Rockies game tomorrow, so I’m representing starting today! I smarted up the t-shirt for work with a stretchy ath-leisure style blazer and hoop earrings. All together a really easy outfit to throw together for a work day.


blazer: oliver bonas – earrings and t-shirt: unknown street vendors – belt: gap – jeans: f21 – shoes: adidas – watch: fitbit

Scenes from a weekend in San Francisco

I spent this past weekend back in my city by the bay, San Francisco.  It felt so amazing to be home – clean air, the smell of blackberry bushes and eucalyptus gum trees, with a favorite walk through my hood.  I miss this city so much it was hard to leave to come back to Brooklyn.  While I am happy to be home again (with my dog), I think it’s pretty safe to say that both B and I are San Franciscans (or Australian-San Franciscans) through and through.  B had been there for a couple weeks already for an Automattic meetup, so he had plenty of time to enjoy the city and time with friends.  I flew out directly after school on Thursday afternoon to meet him.  The kids were so cute, they took one look at my carry-on and asked to come with!

I didn’t spend too much time with my camera out — instead, I opted to just keep my eyes out.  Here are a few snaps from the weekend:

1) Friend/B’s fellow Automattician Rose’s wedding in Kenwood, CA, the excuse reason for the quick trip out west.  I borrowed this Nanette Lepore dress from my sister.  I figured if she looked fantastic in it, so would I.

Photo Oct 12, 6 16 32 PM

2) A stroll through the north east corner of SF, with seagulls to keep me company.




3) A Taqueria Cancun stop.  OF COURSE!  NYC just can’t get the mission burrito right.



4) A walk through my hood and the neighboring hood, with a stop at the rope swing on Billy Goat Hill.



5) A stop at Tartine with my favorite girls, Marisa and her 2 little munchkins.


I’ll probably be back sometime in February for the NYC DOE’s mid-winter break.  In the meantime, I’ll have other SF blogs to keep me happy, such as Past The Mission and The Local Transplant.  If you haven’t already entered the giveaway for a $100 LOFT card, click here for my last post and get in on it!

Orange you glad?

I was happy to be back in SF last week, but I’m also happy to be home.  It was a week filled with friends and also included a three day snowboarding side trip in Tahoe (the kids picked up on the irony of heading to Cali to find snow – I got a lot of comments on that today).  There really is nothing like San Francisco air (except maybe the water!).  Spring break is already around the corner, and I’ll be getting another breath of fresh air when Aimee comes to visit!

orange you glad

orange you glad2

orange you glad3

This wrinkly top is an old one from Madewell.  I have a slight obsession with the color (burnt sienna?), but the material seems to harbor smells.  TMI?

glasses: warby parker – sweater: uniqlo – blouse: madewell – tank (underneath) & jeans: f21 – boots: steve madden – belt: j.crew – necklace: my mom’s hand-me-down

wise words

I’m back in SF for a short while, sorting through 30 years of memory boxes in my old bedroom.  This is taking forever since each item takes me down a different memory lane.  I’ve come across more than a few wise words, from friends, family, even from myself as a teenager.

A favorite:

Teaching is an act of love, keep sharing it!  -an old friend/co-worker


Bringing a little hometown pride to Brooklyn.  They’re in the playoffs now, after all.  It’s going to get real exciting next week.  I’m thinking a visit to Finnerty’s in in order.

This was my sneaky way to wear a t-shirt to work: surround it with a pencil skirt and cardigan in the same color.  Plenty of students commented on my shirt, ranging from “Cool shirt Ms. Schenck”, to “Yankees are better!”

shirt: giants – cardigan, skirt and belt: j.crew – flats: nine west (hella old)

No butts about it

glasses: warby parker – cardigan: j.crew – tank and booties: uo (different online price)- jeans and necklace: f21 laundry tote: ikea

I wish I were that kind of California girl.  The kind that goes skinny dipping in the 50˚ F San Francisco waters.  I’m more the type to fall into the 50˚F SF Bay while sailing on Viking.

I picked up this shirt just yesterday at Urban Outfitters, when my sis and I were early to meet B at Xi’An Famous Foods in the East Village for dinner.  Another cheapie score, ringing in at $7.50.  I immediately thought of the (possibly NSFW) video for Human Condition, by one of my favorite SF local bands, Nova Albion.  

Just in case you were wondering:  No, I did not wear this tank to school.

weekend snaps

SF weather is bi-polar sometimes.  One day it’s 60 degrees and the next, boom! it’s 83 degrees.  Yesterday was one of those freaky hot days.  When this happens, everyone in the city comes outside and lounges in the sun.  B, Bambi and I did just that at Dolores park.  B called me a hipster.  whateves, dude.  There is nothing wrong with being awesome!

Switching gears, I didn’t get an chance to take any outfit photos last week, but I got one iPhone snap on friday!  

btw, these photos were taken using the Camera Awesome App.