I’ve been on a shopping ban since the beginning of January and I’ve been obsessively monitoring my mint.com for the past few months.  It’s working….sporting goods (beanie and snowboard socks) don’t count right???  And since beauty products aren’t technically clothing, they don’t count either right???  I mean, I could put those purchases in the ‘health and wellness’ category on mint.com right???  Right.  I’ve been good, no shopping till the end of February!

The bonus of this shopping ban is that I’ve been revising a bunch of older items in my closet and creating new combos.  And I’ve been able to really appreciate (obsess over) the new beauty products I’ve picked up!  

Poppy King is a lipstick genius.  I usually keep lipstick to the weekends, and I’ve only recently (in the past year) started buying and wearing lipstick. I blame j.crew catalog models for piquing my interest in bright lips.  Is there a point to nude colored lipstick?  I lucked out and found a Poppy King for J.Crew lipstick randomly at a J.Crew store one day (back then it was sold out everywhere and unavailable online) and snatched it up.  I had seen it all over the interwebs and a store manager had told me that it would look amazing on me so when presented with the chance, it was a no brainer.  Then I become obsessed with Poppy King.  She makes THE BEST lipstick ever.  her lipsticks will kick the pants off of any drugstore brand (I’ve tried revlon and cover girl – gross chunkies and old lady smells) and rivals Nars.  So when I went to Target yesterday and saw that they actually had a couple Poppy King for Boots lipsticks on the shelf, I pounced like a cute fuzzy snow leopard.  Awesome texture, sheer color, even coverage, no old lady smell, no clumps of color/stuff when you layer it on.  not to mention suuuper cute and compact packaging.

Mid January I was down in LA hanging with my sister Kris.  We spend most of our time together shopping or talking about beauty products.  Very deep meaningful conversation, I tell you.  We went shopping at the Beverly Center Sephora, where this Charlotte Ronson set was on sale for $13.  $13!!!!!  She pointed out that she almost picked it up for me for Christmas, and I snatched it up.  Lipsticks have a similar texture, color coverage and consistency as the Poppy King lipsticks, so I’m happy with them (especially the darker one).  The eye shadow quad is cool.  Nice colors, but too sparkly for me.  Again, suuuper cute packaging (I’m a sucker) and a little makeup bag.

Lastly, I picked up a few (pricey) goodies from Beauty.com when they were having one of those free bag of samples if you send over $150 deals.  So I got a Clairsonic (squeaky clean over exfoliated skin) and a Fresh Umbrian Clay Bar (sucks all the oil out of your skin). The Algenist was one of the samples that I now love and use every night (and made in SF!).

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