sunnies: borrowed from aimee – shirt: gap – cardigan and belt: j.crew – wallet: UO – booties: dolce vita

Today was a minimum day at school, the day before spring break.  SPRING BREAK!!  At my school, we celebrate the beginning of spring with a festival where all the clubs set up tables and sell food to fund raise.  I made like a good teacher and bought myself a snack from every table.  No complaints from my belly yet!  I should have planned accordingly though…my outfit was not very springy at all, just very neutral.  Thanks to Aimee for letting me borrow her shades!  And to my student A, who informed me today that it bugs her when her mom shops at F21, and so therefore, I should stop shopping at teen places also. Is she right?  While I muse over that friendly comment from A, here are some other photos from Spring Fest, along with a cute one of my co-worker Nicole (english teacher) and her daughter Kira.  Student faces are blurred out, so they look a little weird.

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