My school is on top of a hill in SF, in the southeast section of SF.  This means it’s really windy up here, all the time.  So photographer Aimee and I were blown all over the place.  It was hella cold.  That’s right, I said hella.  I am a Northern Cali native after all.   Hella.

Those of you who follow me on pinterest (specifically my “things I lust after” board) know that I’ve been wanting these Madewell Whistlestop sandals for a little while now.  I saw them online when Madewell came out with them, and they are muuuch cuter in person.  B had to listen to me whine about how cute they were but how expensive they were at $138 for a few weeks.  I finally broke down and forked over the hard earned cash for them. Are these really worth a half a day’s pay?  The jury is still out on whether they were worth the $$.  They are cute, they are super comfy and they will be perfect for summer.  But I guess I could have settled with these or these that I already own or even Madewell’s own cheaper sandal here.  These better last at least 2 summers!  On Another note, I love my new bag!

cardigan (old) and belt: j.crew – top and sandals: madewell – pants: anthropologie (old) – bag and sunnies: f21 – necklace: hand-me-down

2 thoughts on “blown to bits

  1. Love the sandals. I’ve been waiting for those to go on sale for an entire year (they had them last summer too)!
    Also, looks like you’ve got a beeper in your pocket!


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