I made my seniors evaluate my teaching this year.  A simple survey and with a few short answer questions.  I got some real gems of advice from these ‘adults’, so I just have to share them. 

If you could say anything about this teacher to the students who will take this class next year, what would you say?

“As long as you don’t mouth off, nothing bad will happen”

“Don’t procrastinate like a fool.”

“Don’t take it your senior year because you will slack off.”

“Ms. Schenck is an awesome teacher!! Forget all the bad things others say about her!!”  (omg, what bad things?)

“Ms. Schenck is a very interesting person, she’s funny (that’s wassup!), open-minded, friendly and fashionable!”  (I got props for fashion!)

On that note, here is a camera awesome photo of my outfit today.  Pants were last seen here and sweater last seen here and the flats are by Frye.  Oldies but goodies.

2 thoughts on “evaluative

  1. Hey, can you send me a soft copy of your student eval? I’d love to do something like that with my kids too 🙂


    1. totally! I found it with a google search myself a long time ago–no idea who originally wrote it.
      The survey was really useful. I will definitely be making some changes to the course next time based on their comments. I told the kids to be brutally honest!


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