“Hey Ms. Schenck, did you borrow your pants from Rainbow Bright?”

har har.  yes I did.  I’ve been having a love affair with brightly colored pants for the past 6 months. like here and here and most definitely here.

glasses: bonlook – necklace: dunno, gift from somewhere on etsy – blazer: madewell – t.shirt: threads for thoughts from Nordies Rack – pants:f21 – shoes: DV Dolce Vita

4 thoughts on “electric feel

  1. love those hot pants! they look so great on you! i was looking at some light/sky blue ones at jcrew or mustard ones at nordies. what do you think?
    work it, girl! ❤


  2. I just got some cranberry ones from a friend in LA– they are corduroy skinnies, and while I was hesitant at first, I thought, “F-it! Step out of your comfort zone a little!” and I am so glad I did! Hanging out with you ladies has pushed me to make some bolder fashion choices 🙂


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