I’ve been here living in Brooklyn for 15 days now.  We still have unpacked boxes, and no couch.  $3500 in Amazon and Ikea purchases later, we have a semi home.  These pictures may not be horribly exciting, but this is how it all began.

Crate truck rolling down the street, circling 3 times before it’s parked on a neighboring street.  Guy then drives the pitchfork carrying our crate to us.  We have 30 min to unload. Good thing we had the help of these guys, also in town for Blogword Expo and NYC Wordcamp.

These boxes and a bed are all we brought.  Thus the mucho $$ spent furnishing our place.  B and I show our appreciation by serving beer on the roof of our new building.  

High tech stuff going on in our building.  This is how the bad guys get caught.

Everyone has pesky neighbors right? Our neighbors are all religious.  On one block, we’ve got one arabic Jehovah’s Witness kingdom hall, one “Templo Unido” and one Catholic (I think) church.  At least our building is secure.

The rest of the hood.  We can all rest easy, there is Blue Bottle Coffee around.

One thought on “the move

  1. have only just discovered your blog and have been looking around! hopefully you will give me a few tips of some lovely off-beat and quirky clothes shops in brooklyn when I head over there. Can’t wait to read more! x


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