It’s Fall — meaning it’s time to bust out the flannels and the checks!  It was a cool 65˚F here in Brooklyn and I couldn’t be happier with this SF-like weather.  It’s the third week of school and I’m still working on trying to find a nice groove in my work flow.  Student schedules are still changing and I’m still trying to figure out how to teach my Urban Agriculture class (culinary/healthy eating/urban farming).  I’m channeling my inner Brooklyn hipster farmer today.  Also, new fall boots!  I had a very weak moment while browsing at Madewell and am now suffering from wallet guilt.  They’re tearing my heels apart right now as I break them in, but I’m holding out that they will eventually soften up.  Fingers crossed that I can finally stop with the constant blister first aid!




autumnal4End of the day yawns – pretty much par for the course on a Monday afternoon.

glasses: warby parker – shirt: uniqlo – jeans: bdg – boots: madewell

here and there

It’s been a week or so since I’ve been here.  My school just finished with our “SQR” – School Quality Review, where we have to prove that we are teaching.  That is, teaching kids the way they want us to – formulaically with speaking, writing and reading –  completely focused on the Common Core in every single class.  So of course, since I work with a kick ass staff of dedicated insanely hardworking and collaborative people, we blew the dog and pony show out of the water.  Needless to say, we were all pulling 12 hour days (buffering those long days on the weekends with beer while we work) and stressed to the max.  So here’s a collection of bits and pieces from the past week.  werking it

new best friend


the burg


sunday morning

to wed

B and I were lucky enough to attend a wedding of new friends Mandi and Keith at the Green Building the other night in Brooklyn.  It was gorgeous, fun and all around a fantastic time.  What a way to kick off spring break!

Of course, B and I had to snap a few pics prior to running out the door.  photo





I hadn’t worn this dress (Banana Republic) since 2007, for my friend Marissa’s wedding in Cali.  Good thing I kept it and brought it with me here to NY!  The shoes on the other hand were a last minute I-don’t-own-any-fancy-heels-for-black-tie freak out purchase from DSW’s clearance section.  So then there is B, cheekily copying my “blog posing” in his outfit.


A little photobooth fun with animal masks.  Why the hell not, right?


Orange you glad?

I was happy to be back in SF last week, but I’m also happy to be home.  It was a week filled with friends and also included a three day snowboarding side trip in Tahoe (the kids picked up on the irony of heading to Cali to find snow – I got a lot of comments on that today).  There really is nothing like San Francisco air (except maybe the water!).  Spring break is already around the corner, and I’ll be getting another breath of fresh air when Aimee comes to visit!

orange you glad

orange you glad2

orange you glad3

This wrinkly top is an old one from Madewell.  I have a slight obsession with the color (burnt sienna?), but the material seems to harbor smells.  TMI?

glasses: warby parker – sweater: uniqlo – blouse: madewell – tank (underneath) & jeans: f21 – boots: steve madden – belt: j.crew – necklace: my mom’s hand-me-down

new addition/new edition

No news here, just some new additions:

New hair – free, through the Model Project at Bumble and Bumble University.  I don’t know when I started to get so cheap about my hair.  In my early 20’s I used to have a regular stylist whom I visited religiously every 6 weeks to get my hair cut/colored/touched etc.  I guess all that eventually gave me wallet fatigue, because I stopped doing much with my hair in my mid 20’s. It whittled down from $150 haircuts to $60 cuts to $12 Great Clips cuts to $0 sister with a pair to Friskars cuts.

BK rooftops

New hole – B was out of town last weekend and I was bored on Saturday night but also didn’t feel like going all the way to Williamsburg to meet a friend for drinks.  I’m no stranger to piercings (see here, here and here), so I headed to my friendly neighborhood shop, The End is Near.  Hello new anti-tragus hole.  It’s still swollen and the skin around it is flaking, but it’s healing nicely now.  For those who have to ask, no, getting it done didn’t hurt.  But the aftercare/healing hella hurts.

antitragus piercing

New stripey top – I went shopping yesterday and picked up a number of t-shirt type tops from Forever 21 and H&M. This one, from F21, is supposed to be a dress.  But with my freakishly long torso and 6’0″ frame, it’s a shirt, albeit a long shirt.  I like the stripes (like everyone else in the blogosphere/world, I love nautical stripes) and the little pocket on the boobie.  It will be good for a lazy, I don’t want to think in the morning item to throw on for the classroom.


On that note, I haven’t been posting lately.  I’ve been lazy and I haven’t bothered with being inventive with my wardrobe.  So what have I been wearing lately?  See this post and this post.  That’s basically it, along with about 4 layers of sweaters, coats, scarves and hat because it’s been damn cold here in NY.

I’ve been listening to New Edition lately.  I’m nostalgic for the days of classic R&B where they didn’t feel the need to include words like bitches, hoes, bootie, and ‘got your girl workin for me’.  So, here’s a little palate cleanser.

3 Mile Dim Sum

Today is Halloween.  Some people are crazy about Halloween — I am not one of them.  I haven’t dressed up for it in years, unless you count this as an old man of the sea costume.  Is it really a costume though if it’s your usual look?  Nothing here is new…just the same old stuff out of my closet.

hat and jeans: f21 – jacket and belt: hella old gap – shirt: levis (last seen here) – tank: alternative apparel – bag: freitag – boots: boutique 9 cooper ankle boot

Today is also the third day we’ve been out of school because of Hurricane Sandy.  Now it’s looking like classes will not resume until Monday.  I’m on an extended staycation now.  I’m lucky…others in Manhattan, Jersey and Staten Island are dealing with toxic flood waters and sustained power outages.  With nothing better to do, we walked all the way down to Sunset Park (Brooklyn’s Chinatown) for lunch.  The subways are still down so from Park Slope it was a 58 block walk (3.5 miles).  Dim Sum at Bamboo Garden was mediocre at best.  There are three more large dim sum houses in that area though, so I’ll eventually get around to trying all of them to find my favorite.

Nelson was obliging enough to let me test out my camera settings on him.  Thanks, bud.


It was a brisk day.  To me, that meant it was time to bust out the nordic style wooden booties and match it with conflicting prints all around.  

Please note that I have a view of the ‘penis building’, so aptly named by Sara, from my roof.  My opinion of Brooklyn architecture has improved drastically with this gem of a nickname.

vest: uniqlo – thermal: f21 – coated jeans: urban outfitters – booties: anthropologie, found at nordstrom rack for an amazing $20 last spring

Grid-Walking Part 2

Today we walked Quadrant 2 of our grid-walking plan: Union St/6th Ave to 7th St/Prospect Park West.  Fall is definitely settling in, and I couldn’t be happier with the cooler temperatures.  I wouldn’t call it cold by any means, but it’s cool enough for a holey sweater and a very thin puffy in a fall plaid.  I’m not even quite done with the plaid yet, but this Uniqlo puffy is a recent addition to my fall arsenal.

Oh, and I dyed my hair last weekend.  There was a sale on hair dye at CVS and I had a coupon for an extra $2 off.  $4.50 later, I have black hair.  Something new for cheap.

puffer: uniqlo (bought during a $10 off special)- sweater: anthro, evening chill pullover (old)- belt: h&m – coated twill pants: urban outfitters (I bought mine on sale for $30 in-store, online they’re full price still)- shoes: vans (super old) – bag: freitag