B and I went hunting for the elusive SF style burrito last last Friday in Williamsburg.  We didn’t find it.  Not even at Taco Chulo on Grand St, where they have a “Mission” burrito on the menu.  Not even close.  On the bright side, the Metropolitan Ave station has awesome mosaics.

There’s nothing new going on here fashion wise.  Same same, but different. B picked out my shoes, old faded blue Converse.  Waiting for the bathroom that night, some girl complemented me on my dress, pointing out that the shoes went well with the outfit. I looked over and B had the biggest shit-eatin’ grin on his face.  He was so proud of himself.

Well, three burrito fridays later, and I think we’ve found the closest thing (so far) to a Mission style burrito, at The Original California Taqueria (horrid reviews.  ouch!) over in Cobble Hill.  Seriously, that’s the name of the place.  It’s ok.  Not bad.

4 thoughts on “faith/fate and same/sane

  1. I love these photos. I would really like a pair on Converse, too… So, what is a SF style burrito? And how come I’ve never heard of it? LOL


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