1. My grandmother (Popo)’s name plaque.

2. & 3. The prayer table with gold and silver for her afterlife.

4. My little cousin Sam.

5. Cousins.

6. Big Aunt and her blonde grandson.

7. Mommy and Second Aunt.

8. Cousin and his family.

9. Life is good when you wake up to a box full of pho being put together for your breakfast.

10. More cousin hang outs.

11. The best boba milk tea I have ever had.

12. & 13.  Uncle’s corgi.  He’s a special little piggy.

I’m heading back to NYC tonight on the red eye.  My family is growing — 3 of my 7 cousins have 2 kids each now, all within the past 3 years.  It was great seeing everybody in one place, but sad considering the reason why.

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