I love how some dresses can be winter-ized by just adding a few things.  This dress, I’ve taken from the balmy crisp SF weather, through to hot muggy Brooklyn summer, straight into the dry freeze-your-ears-off Brooklyn winter.  All it takes is the addition of a scarf, wooly tights, cardigan and suede booties.  Of course, there was a coat involved, but I left it off while inside.  Dress, during summer last seen here.  Next time, I’ll have to remind myself to use a few more squirts of Static Guard

scarf: topshop – cardigan and belt: j.crew – dress: f21 – tights: h&m – booties: steve madden

3 thoughts on “winterizing

  1. I can’t believe that I found fellow science teacher with the same taste in eyewear and fashion! We could almost be the same person, except I live on the opposite side of the US and I’m only 5’2″. Love your blog!


    1. Thanks Janet for loving the blog! I’m glad to know I have readers who share my same passion for teaching science and fashion. eyewear is key, right?!


  2. so pretty! love the middle photo. hell, i love all of the photos. i’m so excited to come visit you- so is brian!!! told ya i would make it happen. 😉 can’t wait to see your new neighborhood. have a great friday and weekend. ❤


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