I’m not normally a fan of vintage shopping. I’m not that “vintage is character” type of person, I’m more of a modern lines and stark colors type. A couple weekends ago, I found myself with nothing to do and spent hours browsing through this blog, Bleubird Vintage, written by a woman with a love for all things vintage. Her blog and aesthetic is so captivating and gorgeous, I started to feel like maybe I should give ‘vintageing’ another shot. Plus, my niece will be here (as in born) soon and I wanted to find some cute little girl dresses from the 60’s (just like little Bird wears- warning, this video may make your ovaries twitch a bit). So went out and hit up a couple shops in my ‘hood. After a couple hours, I walked away with 2 dresses and a pair of black boots, $40 lighter. I wore one of the dresses today along with the boots.



This dress takes me out of my comfort zone. I don’t normally wear full skirts, or dresses/skirts this long. Even though this dress got lots of compliments, I vacillated between feeling like a school marm and feeling like a halo-ed über religious chick. So I struck the innocent I-baked-cookies-to-bring-to-church pose. Is it close? =D



cardigan & belt: j.crew – dress & boots: vintage – tights: uniqlo – necklace: f21 – watch: fossil via nordstrom rack

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