Happy Lunar New Year!  I have fond memories of celebrating Chinese new year as a kid, great food, firecracker papers turning the streets of Chinatown red and lion dances everywhere (along with heaps of money that I never was allowed to keep!).  This new year  is extra special for me though, because I have a new baby!  Not really me, but close enough (actually, as close as it’s ever going to get).  My sister pushed one out yesterday, her first, my niece Josephine Rei.  You know how they say that even if you don’t like kids, you’ll love your own?  I hate kids, but I already love this one, and I haven’t even met her in person yet.  When I heard that my sister was in labor I was like a proud parent, telling everyone who would listen.  I even went out and bought my crew Dunkin Doughnuts for an impromptu celebration (I never advocate for teens eating horribly unhealthy sugar and fat ladden treats, but this time it’s special).  Josephine (JoJo) made it right in time to be a Dragon baby.  One thing is for damn sure, she already has a dragon grip on me.  I got to meet her right away over face-time (I love technology).  Normally I think all babies look a bit like aliens. but
Jojo is perfect.  




Gong Hay Fat Choi!  Happy year of the snake!

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