Rachel is the teacher spotlight this week!  I’ve always loved Rachel’s look – I’m pretty sure we shop at similar places.  Chances are good that if I’ve been debating on buying a particular dress or pair of shoes, Rachel will walk in to the staff room with that exact item on! I’m actually pretty surprised we haven’t inadvertently “twins-ied” yet. I loved Rachel’s jumper (as in playsuit, not sweater) today and was secretly envious that she could pull it off so well. One pieces never work for me since my height is all in the torso (not comfortable at all!) One day, I’ going to sew one for myself – extra long in the crotch. In the meantime, I can stare at Rachel’s and it’s awesome print.
We teachers always have something to learn from each other. Rachel, as a seasoned crew leader, has taught me how to have a crew and actually do good stuff with them. Last year, her crew kids were the only ones who put together their own community service project. At the time, I felt overwhelmed just thinking about organizing my crew for Student Led Conferences, not to mention a larger group effort to better the community. With some tips from Rachel though, I’m planning on tackling that this spring!




Rachel’s jumper: anthropologie from last summer – boots: j.crew

On another note, I’ve been uninspired by my closet lately and have been slopping it in my black jeans and buttons ups.  An example of this to come tomorrow.  In the meantime,  here’s yesterday in Central Park while out on a field trip with the 10th graders to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I busted out my old boy scouts shirt for the trip, and it helped me feel like a kid all morning on the way there.  But then, teenage shenanigans in the museum squashed my child like excitement and turned it into adult-like embarrassment.

Photo Oct 08, 12 46 15 PM

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