I’m a hater.  Lately it feels as if I’m spending too much time telling the kids what not to do instead of just enjoying and reinforcing what they are doing. It’s like I’m the mean teacher. I don’t know when this happened! Instead of being happy that kids are expressing themselves with a rap battle, I’m on alert, ready to shut down any potential negative stereotypes or sexist remarks.  Instead of letting the girls learn how to handle unwanted (I assume) male attention, I imediately jump in to lecture the boys on being respectful to women and that women are not objects.  Constantly I’m “no” this, “no” that.  No eating in class.  Put on your uniform.  No playing soccer in the halls. stop screaming at your friends while in the museum. NO all of the things.  I’m a hater and I’ve been drinking the hater-ade. It’s exhausing.
I need to chillax a bit, but I’m having a hard time because I know there are social politeness norms that I feel the kids need to learn. Or are these social norms I’m thinking of actually just my own? Or even worse, am I actually forcing kids into a box of prescribed behaviors? What if I’m stifling their creativity?!?
It seems as if as I get older the more type A I am. Maybe I’m just setting myself up for an ulcer. Anyone else have this problem? How do you deal?

In the meantime, I’m stuck in my own behavioral rut of white and black dressing. It’s working out for me.

cardigan: uniqlo – shirt: madewell – jeans: uniqlo – shoes: madewell

One thought on “Hater-ade

  1. Oh no you’re not a hater. They are misogynistic, hormonal, generally disgusting and can use some socialization! Thanks for doing that.


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