I must shop at Madewell a lot.  This morning I got dressed (in the dark) and as I rode the train to school, I realized I was just about Madewell-ed out.  I shook my head at myself since Madewell is typically out of reach for a teacher on a budget.  Alas…they can have some great sales.  I never buy anything full price (except for shoes apparently), and I always wait for promotions like an extra 30% or 40% off sale prices.  This also means that many of the things I drool over sell out before they can be marked down.  But hey – you win some, you lose some.  Also, I’ve decided that I’m swearing off Madewell dresses.  Like my sister mentioned in the comments of this post, they really are way too short for my 6’0″ frame as I approach my mid-thirties.  By the way, I bought this sweater over the weekend at the Madewell in SF.  It was on super sale in store (around $30 or something), but it’s not online.

made well

made well3

made well4

made well5

jacket: old h&m – necklace: f21 – sweater and jeans: madewell – shoes: corso como via nordstrom rack

5 thoughts on “Made Well, or Well Made

    1. I love your blog’s name!
      I don’ t have much advice since I never feel like I have things figured out — but I do know that the bigger the pictures are, the better!
      I’ll be following!


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