Often times I pass my coworkers in the halls and think to myself, “that is one sweet outfit!”.  Much of my traffic also comes from fellow teachers who are just starting out in the field, or are just curious to see how other like minded teachers are clothing themselves.  In the past, I’ve featured a couple of my Brooklyn friends on this blog such as Millie and Rachel.  This year, I’m starting off fast – with first day outfits.

This is Anna.  She teaches French.  Anna is all kinds of awesome.  She said she doesn’t normally wear this shirt because her hair gets caught in it.  But first days are special, and it looks great on her!  Anna is not one to shop normally, and she couldn’t really remember where every item came from.  Shopping really isn’t the point though, is it?

anna day one2

anna day one1

anna day one

top: topshop – shoes: blowfish – bracelets: aldo

One thought on “The First Days: Anna

  1. Erika, perhaps you might consider a subheading for your blog, such as “E’s Fashion Statement”


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