I wore just about this same outfit just about a year ago.  It’s a pretty reliable go to outfit – pencil skirts solve all sorts of morning wardrobe emergencies.  On Tuesday morning, I wasted about 10 minutes in the morning staring at my closet with a blank head.  I was stuck in one of those “I have nothing to wear!” panics.  I did not have those 10 minutes to waste.  If I’m not in the building at least 30 minutes before first period starts, the whole day will feel off.

About these sandals:  I’ve had them for about 5 years now.  I have a black pair and a tan pair, so they go with everything imaginable.  I wear the crap out of them every summer and they’ve been with me every time I travel.  It’s almost time to retire them, but they’re still holding up.  Maybe next sumer I’ll switch it up a bit and try out something else.  If you don’t already own a pair of Saltwater Sandals, I highly recommend you check them out.  The best summer sandal ever.

Day two3

Day two2

Day two

top: madewell – skirt: jcrew – shoes: saltwater sandals

One thought on “The Second First Day

  1. Erika, your comment about being in school at least 30′ early, really struck a nerve. My wife who was a high school English teacher for 30 years before retiring, had the same attitude. The standing joke in our house was that she opened the school to let the janitor in….

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