This is Rossin, the 10th grade American Lit teacher and all around amazing woman.  She is the epitome of a teacher with a life: she sings, plays the ukelele, helps organize and put on the Arise Music Festival, she writes, raises kids, travels and does just about everything else.  Women like Rossin inspire me to do more and to do better both inside and outside the classroom.  Rosin also keeps it real.  She is the one to say all the things we are secretly too afraid to say out loud during staff meetings, such as “are we going to be compensated for this extra work?”  and “we really should be focusing on retaining teachers at this school and valuing the talent that we do have.”  This year she has a physical representation of a verbal filter – this necklace by  High Chi, with a Frank Loyd Wright design.

Rossin also is able to form super productive and strong bonds with students in her class.  The other day, I took an informal poll in my class to see which of my students also had Rossin.  Students were enthusiastic about it and chimed in with comments such as:  “Rossin is damn cool, man.”  “Damn, I wish I had her, she seems hecka cool.” and “I really like Rossin and her class.”  It’s always heart warming to hear that students are enjoying their other classes (even if they like it more than mine =D)  Last year, whenever I’d take my shoes off and walk around barefoot at the end of the day, students would call me Rossin, the hippie teacher.

Rossin3 Rossin Rossin2

dress/top – steven allen via buffalo exchange – jeans: levis – shoes: frye

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