We had back to school night the second week of school and I’m only now getting around to posting about it.  I’ve always struggled with BTS nights.  I always end the night feeling like I put my foot in my mouth a couple times.  Meeting parents for the first time always shakes my confidence a bit.  I’m a bit socially awkward around adults anyway, so meeting a bunch all at once is hard.  I always feel like I’m under scrutiny and that I’m being sized up.  Of course, this all stems from my own insecurities – I can hardly blame parents for wanting the best teachers for their kids.  I also shot myself in the foot this year by not taking the extra time needed to prepare a “Hi, I’m your kid’s Bio teacher this year, here’s some info about my background!” type presentation.  If I had, I probably would have had a more successful night.

Anyways, I chose to wear heels for BTS night this year.  It was a 13 hour day, and my feet were 100% comfortable as I walked my tired body and mind to my car at 8pm.  Midi skirts just always look better with some extra leg length.

BTS night4

BTS night3

BTS night

BTS night2

glasses: warby parker – top: uniqlo – belt: jcrew – skirt: anthropologie – shoes: sweedish hasbeens for h&m

4 thoughts on “Back to School Night

  1. Swedish hasbeens are my favourite… I think they’re also the reason I found your blog! I totally agree on the height with the midi length, and love that you belted it! I used to get nervous about “meet the teacher”, but I have been at it for 19 years now and they have gotten easier! I think the parents are just as nervous, and many of them are awkward too. Now I focus on letting them know that I love teaching, and that their kids are wonderful people who will be respected and supported. (Just realizing how cheesy that sounds!) it gets me through! Happy September…

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  2. I like back-old-school night even though I’m exhausted the next day. My problem is that we get 15 minutes with each teacher and I’m just warming up by then. Plus they have 4 minutes to get from class to class and always get lost. So there are stragglers. I never make them get a late pass lol.

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  3. Hi!! I have just started working as a kindergarten teacher and I love your style. Could I just ask where you usually shop for work clothes? I live in Hong Kong so any ideas of online shops might be more helpful 🙂


    1. Hi Kirstin! My usual shops are Madewell, Anthropologie, H&M and Forever 21. Madewell and Anthropologie are really expensive if you shop full price items, but they both usually have really good prices if you shop the sales and wait for their extra 20%/30% off of sale items events that come around pretty often.


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