print rage

glasses: warby parker – tank: anthropologie – belt: j.crew – skirt: dkny – bag: freitag – shoes: worishofer

These pics were taken a little while ago during my first ever trip to Central Park.  I’ve been on a “aztec” or “tribal” print rager lately and there isn’t an end in sight.  I hate the pseudo ethnic naming of these uber trendy prints, but I’ll use them for a lack of a better descriptor.  Cue top above, which I got on sale from Anthro last month, this clutch I got last week, and my favorite freebee bag ever from  (I’m a huge sucker for gift with purchases).  

I Love College

Many of my former students are starting their first years of college in the next few weeks, and I’m super excited for them.  This excitement (fueled by their updates on FB) is often mixed with fear that I didn’t help prepare them enough… lots of should haves and could haves.  Are they going to be screwed in freshman Bio because I didn’t make them memorize all the steps and intermediate molecules involved in the Kreb’s cycle?  Oh my god I ran out of time and never covered phylogenetic trees/cladograms!!!  Will they remember that hypo=under/below, iso=equal and hyper=over?  Are they going to maintain the self control needed to keep from partying themselves into hungover dropouts?!?!?  Will they remember my lesson on the benefits of delaying gratification?  O.M.G!

My fears for the impressionable young minds of my students were revisited the other evening when B and I went on a booze cruise down the East River hosted by (probably/most likely NSFW). is hosted on VIP (B is a developer at Automattic) and thus our invite and our free swag – blue sunglasses.  For the record, B and I held it together, there was no vomiting over the side, all staggering was due to the choppy waves on the river and we exercised self control and moderation.

I bought this dress (called the Shore House Shift dress) from Anthropologie over a year ago on sale.  It was a great buy because of the massive markdown, the high quality silk material and the cute little anchor buttons at the shoulder.  It’s held up pretty well too, but I’ve only worn it about 3 times.  This last time may be the last though, as I managed to get ketchup, pickle juice and just about every other condiment all over the front of it that night.  I’m not known as the family klutz for nothing, here’s hoping that I don’t ruin it totally trying to get the stains out.

dress and bag: anthropologie – shoes: madewell also seen heremustache necklace: purchased the renegade craft fair

I had to throw in this shot of B, because he’s cute and the glasses matched the lining of my bag.


My friend Devon is here!  She’s here for some Physical Therapist conference, getting smarter in her field.  That stuff all starts tomorrow, so today we got out our walking shoes and made our way all around midtown Manhattan.  I got to check off some touristy stuff such as the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center.

I started the day off wearing black booties.  Big mistake, as I ended up with a big blister very soon after I got off the subway in Manhattan.  Shoulda known that heat –> sweat –> rubbing on feet –> blister = horrid pain.  So I popped into a shoe store and picked up these lovelies, which coincidentally I’ve been eyeing lately anyway. It was a fantastic excuse to finally buy them, as I was approaching to hobbling mode.  My new granny-chic shoes.  By the way, the skirt I’m wearing is made by my mom.  She sewed it for me right before I moved.  She came home one day after spotting a skirt at J. Crew determined to copy the design.  So she dug out some random fabric and sewed it up in a few hours, adding in a couple folds to make it special.  I love it.  It’s my mommy skirt now.

tank: f21 – skirt: mommy – shoes: worishofer – bag: freitag and baggu – belt: j.crew

The view from the office of Dev’s friend.  72nd floor of the Empire State Building.

Insane red ball of plasma setting behind us.  It was pretty.

the move

I’ve been here living in Brooklyn for 15 days now.  We still have unpacked boxes, and no couch.  $3500 in Amazon and Ikea purchases later, we have a semi home.  These pictures may not be horribly exciting, but this is how it all began.

Crate truck rolling down the street, circling 3 times before it’s parked on a neighboring street.  Guy then drives the pitchfork carrying our crate to us.  We have 30 min to unload. Good thing we had the help of these guys, also in town for Blogword Expo and NYC Wordcamp.

These boxes and a bed are all we brought.  Thus the mucho $$ spent furnishing our place.  B and I show our appreciation by serving beer on the roof of our new building.  

High tech stuff going on in our building.  This is how the bad guys get caught.

Everyone has pesky neighbors right? Our neighbors are all religious.  On one block, we’ve got one arabic Jehovah’s Witness kingdom hall, one “Templo Unido” and one Catholic (I think) church.  At least our building is secure.

The rest of the hood.  We can all rest easy, there is Blue Bottle Coffee around.


As many of you know from Facebook or my post from New York, I’m leaving my hometown, my city by the bay, San Francisco.  I’m off in search of newness, excitement, a challenge and a new chapter in my life, all in the big bad city of New York.  I officially told my advisory class today about my move.  With a heavy heart, I told them that I was not going to be there for their senior year, that someone new would be the one to have the privilege to hand them their diplomas.  I have seen these kids grow and I have grown alongside them.  It was my first day of teaching and their first day of high school.  My advisory class of 35 has shrunk down to 21 students over the years, many have transfered schools, moved or dropped out.  But these 21 kids…it’s hard to explain how I feel I about them.  I’ve written letters of recommendations, heard about their relationship woes, they’ve schooled me on teenage trends and they’ve laugh at me and with me.  I’m going to miss them.  Hopefully someone will Facetime with me next year when they walk the stage so I can cheer on from afar.

Word is spreading around school that Ms. Schenck will not be at Marshall next year.  Some kid asked me, “So does this mean we can add you on Facebook now?”

Aimee and I during our staff meeting today.  weeeee aaarrr keeewwwlll.