Dip dye stuff has been a huge trend this past year, and I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  I dig the dip dye, and I’m starting to come around to the dip bleach, as long as it’s not so severe.  I really liked this¹ look and even this² one (though I would lump it in the severe category).  I definitely plan on trying out this³ DIY dip dye and this one too eventually.  And just for reference here is a dip bleach.

¹ I love this look (and this blog) and I’m seriously going to recreate it one day.  ² Amazing blog and I want to steal her design sensibilities. ³ I love Wit & Whistle paper goods and now I love the blog.  I bought B this card for Valentines day this past year, and I really love this one also.  Super cheeky and “awww” inducing stuff.

This dip dye tank is by a label called Willoughby.  As in John Willoughby (Maybe not, but who cares) from Sense and Sensibility, one of my favorite book to movie adaptations of all time.  When I tried this on at Anthropiologie, all I could think about was this scene:

tank: anthropologie (on sale now) – skirt: hella old DKNY – tote: freitag – sandals: worishofer (I swear they were just on sale, but not anymore)

Dekalb Market

B and I rode our bikes over to Dekalb Market today.  The weather has cooled a bit and I’m getting used to riding my single-speed (no more jello legs).  I know I need to stop comparing NY to SF, but the Dekalb market is a larger version of the Proxy Project in Hayes Valley.  It’s pretty cool and I love the design sensibilities of a “mall” out of old shipping containers.  Salvaged materials, an urban farm, artisanal foods, an Etsy pop-up with a vintage tool shop and you’ve got yourself a thriving hipster mecca.  We overheard some dude with an epic beard lamenting the presence of a jump-house and screaming kids–> “there should be an adults only hour or something if they’re going to make this cool”.  Like B says, at least they’re in a cage.  I really wanted to buy a bike basket/Bambi holder from this shop (seriously cute stuff), but alas, the weight limit is 12lbs.  Bambi is a fatty.

I have been on the search for a great pair of denim shorts for a while.  Granted, I need another pair of shorts like I need a hole in my head, but I want a good fit with a high waist to offset my freakish long torso/short appendages proportions.  These fit the bill, and they’re not ridiculously expensive.  Normally BDG stuff is made for stick-like teenage girls and aren’t made to fit my birthing hips.  Surprisingly enough though, these do.

sunnies: f21 – tank: madewell (on super sale last weekend, similar here) – shorts: BDG from UO – shoes: vans – bag: freitag – nails: revlon scandalous

little victories

I have a student who is super shy.  So shy and unsure of herself that all year, she has barely said more than a few sentences in class.  I was also a very shy kid, so I can empathize with her.  Well, this shy kid had to do a solo power point presentation last week on the integumentary system.  She could have chosen to do a mini-book project instead, but alas, she opted to challenge herself and speak in front of the class, all by herself.  The day came, and she froze on the spot.   Really froze!

My class, as good as they are, kept encouraging her with “Don’t worry C__, you don’t have to be shy in front of us” and “you can do it C___, just pretend we’re not here at all” and other supportive things.  Still didn’t help.  She was still standing there frozen with large eyes.  I suggested that everyone in the class turn around so that C_____ wouldn’t feel like all the eyes were on her, every single student whipped around in their seats and stared at the wall.  After a 3 minutes of tortured silence, C____ began to speak, read her note cards and did her presentation, switching slides for the backs of heads.  It was a mini victory.  I wanted to hug each one of my 5th period students that day and stick them all in my pocket so that I could pull them out routinely and tell them how proud they make me.

On an outfit note, I bought these black jeans this past weekend at Uniqlo in NYC.  Love that store.  Cheap, good quality basics with a touch of designeyness (I just made up that word).  Just when I plan on moving to the only US city that has a Uniqlo, they announce that they’re opening one up in SF.  Bah.  I  have two paris of the same jeans, black and blue, mid-rise skinny tapered.  They are super stretchy, thick, super comfortable and holds its shape well for at least 3 wears.  All for $40.  Can’t beat it.  other than the jeans, my teaching outfit was pretty boring and basic.  T-shirt and jeans.

glasses: warby parker – jacket: h&m (old) – v-neck: thread for thought via nordstrom rack – belt: gap – jeans: uniqlo – shoes: bass – bag: j.crew


my friday

Today is my friday….and friday for seniors (12th graders).  Tomorrow is senior cut day.  Senior cut day is supposed to be a secret, but of course we teachers find out eventually.  Usually it’s the meek straight A student asking for the work she/he will be missing because “uhh, I’m going to be sick.  cough. cough.” We all had a senior cut day when we were in high school right?  No big deal kid, I wasn’t planning to teach an empty classroom!  When I told my health class kids (mostly 9th graders) that they were going to have a sub tomorrow and that I expected them to behave and do the work I’m leaving for them, some kid yelled out, “it must be teacher cut day tomorrow!”  No, it’s not teacher cut day, I’m just going out of town….to New York!  Just for the weekend.

My favorite booties of all time.  I just got them back from the cobbler, heels refreshed.  I had worn them down to lopsided stubs in the years I’ve worn them.  I love them so much and have yet to find any other black bootie to even come close to how awesome these are.  Durable (the top still looks good!), comfy (I’ve walked all over Philly, DC and LA in these on various trips), and of course hella cute.  If there was a fire and I could save only one pair of shoes, these would be it.  I’ve searched high and low for a pair just like them but without any luck.  I’ve even purchased other black booties hoping I would like them as much as these.  But nothing comes even close to the awesomeness that are these booties.

glasses: warby parker – blazer and jeans: madewell – shirt: anthropologie (old) – belt: jcrew – booties: BP by Nordstrom (old) – bag: f21

Weekend love note

It’s always fun to find love notes left for you from your students on the white board. Yesterday, one of my fav students, “A”, left me this love note.  She found the boxes of preserved specimens waiting to get dissected.  Guess who wants to take physiology next year!  “A” also played photog for me.  Good job, A!

glasses: bonlook – infinity scarf: american apparel – blazer: madewell – sweater: j.crew – belt: gap – jeans: uniqlo – booties – steve madden


This is what I’ve been doing since yesterday:

B was on a work trip in Napa this week, so I took advantage of my spring break to crash in on him at his work event.  Lucky me, he was staying at the Carneros Inn, a suuuper nice place.  Our room was pretty insane.  There was an outdoor shower!

We left Napa today, but stopped at the Oxbow Public Market on the way home.  This place is basically just like the Ferry Building, but with Ritual Roasters instead of Blue Bottle and a Kara’s Cupcakes instead of Miette.  I bought 3 cupcakes for myself (2 for later) and B only got one.  =)  B, being 6’4″ also got stuck sitting at the kids table. 

I decided to wear my pizza shirt today, since pizza goes so well with wine.  right? And, I seriously love these Forever 21 sunglasses.  They were cheap as heck ($6!!) and so darn cheeky.  I love cheeky, off beat-ish things.

sunnies: F21 – cardigan: j. crew – tshirt: h&m – jeans: madewell – bag: pour la victore – boots: ZigiNy – nails: Essie Chinchilly

spring break is almost over!  Tomorrow: snowboarding.  Quite possibly the last time this winter season.

spring break whites

I know it’s only spring break and not summer.  But if I don’t start busting out the summer clothes soon, I’m going to start feeling depressed.  There’s no school this week!!!  woot! I went browsing through Downtown SF yesterday and of course had to check out the Madewell sale section.  Surprise!  The skirt I’ve been lusting after for so long is finally on sale!  In my size!  It was my lucky day.  Still, it was super hard to fork over the plastic for an $80 skirt (the sale price even!).  I think I stood in the store for a good 15 min debating over the purchase before deciding to buy it so that I could debate over it some more at home. $80 is a lot for a skirt, no?  I’ve decided to keep it though, justifying the price by thinking about how it would be perfect for a really hot day, and it’s breathable since it’s silk.  I’ve been thinking about the skirt ever since I saw the Madewell spring lookbook, and I’m going to wear the sh*t out of this skirt come summer.  I wore it today to get a start on summer.

sunnies: F21 – sweater: anthropologie (old) – necklace and skirt: madewell – bag: pour la victoire – sandals: sweedish hasbeens for h&m – leather wrap bracelet and belt: j.crew – watch: marc by marc jacobs (old) – other wrist: the usual, paracord and an old bracelet from my grandma – bambi’s collar: from noe valley pet co.