my friday

Today is my friday….and friday for seniors (12th graders).  Tomorrow is senior cut day.  Senior cut day is supposed to be a secret, but of course we teachers find out eventually.  Usually it’s the meek straight A student asking for the work she/he will be missing because “uhh, I’m going to be sick.  cough. cough.” We all had a senior cut day when we were in high school right?  No big deal kid, I wasn’t planning to teach an empty classroom!  When I told my health class kids (mostly 9th graders) that they were going to have a sub tomorrow and that I expected them to behave and do the work I’m leaving for them, some kid yelled out, “it must be teacher cut day tomorrow!”  No, it’s not teacher cut day, I’m just going out of town….to New York!  Just for the weekend.

My favorite booties of all time.  I just got them back from the cobbler, heels refreshed.  I had worn them down to lopsided stubs in the years I’ve worn them.  I love them so much and have yet to find any other black bootie to even come close to how awesome these are.  Durable (the top still looks good!), comfy (I’ve walked all over Philly, DC and LA in these on various trips), and of course hella cute.  If there was a fire and I could save only one pair of shoes, these would be it.  I’ve searched high and low for a pair just like them but without any luck.  I’ve even purchased other black booties hoping I would like them as much as these.  But nothing comes even close to the awesomeness that are these booties.

glasses: warby parker – blazer and jeans: madewell – shirt: anthropologie (old) – belt: jcrew – booties: BP by Nordstrom (old) – bag: f21

Weekend love note

It’s always fun to find love notes left for you from your students on the white board. Yesterday, one of my fav students, “A”, left me this love note.  She found the boxes of preserved specimens waiting to get dissected.  Guess who wants to take physiology next year!  “A” also played photog for me.  Good job, A!

glasses: bonlook – infinity scarf: american apparel – blazer: madewell – sweater: j.crew – belt: gap – jeans: uniqlo – booties – steve madden


This is what I’ve been doing since yesterday:

B was on a work trip in Napa this week, so I took advantage of my spring break to crash in on him at his work event.  Lucky me, he was staying at the Carneros Inn, a suuuper nice place.  Our room was pretty insane.  There was an outdoor shower!

We left Napa today, but stopped at the Oxbow Public Market on the way home.  This place is basically just like the Ferry Building, but with Ritual Roasters instead of Blue Bottle and a Kara’s Cupcakes instead of Miette.  I bought 3 cupcakes for myself (2 for later) and B only got one.  =)  B, being 6’4″ also got stuck sitting at the kids table. 

I decided to wear my pizza shirt today, since pizza goes so well with wine.  right? And, I seriously love these Forever 21 sunglasses.  They were cheap as heck ($6!!) and so darn cheeky.  I love cheeky, off beat-ish things.

sunnies: F21 – cardigan: j. crew – tshirt: h&m – jeans: madewell – bag: pour la victore – boots: ZigiNy – nails: Essie Chinchilly

spring break is almost over!  Tomorrow: snowboarding.  Quite possibly the last time this winter season.

spring break whites

I know it’s only spring break and not summer.  But if I don’t start busting out the summer clothes soon, I’m going to start feeling depressed.  There’s no school this week!!!  woot! I went browsing through Downtown SF yesterday and of course had to check out the Madewell sale section.  Surprise!  The skirt I’ve been lusting after for so long is finally on sale!  In my size!  It was my lucky day.  Still, it was super hard to fork over the plastic for an $80 skirt (the sale price even!).  I think I stood in the store for a good 15 min debating over the purchase before deciding to buy it so that I could debate over it some more at home. $80 is a lot for a skirt, no?  I’ve decided to keep it though, justifying the price by thinking about how it would be perfect for a really hot day, and it’s breathable since it’s silk.  I’ve been thinking about the skirt ever since I saw the Madewell spring lookbook, and I’m going to wear the sh*t out of this skirt come summer.  I wore it today to get a start on summer.

sunnies: F21 – sweater: anthropologie (old) – necklace and skirt: madewell – bag: pour la victoire – sandals: sweedish hasbeens for h&m – leather wrap bracelet and belt: j.crew – watch: marc by marc jacobs (old) – other wrist: the usual, paracord and an old bracelet from my grandma – bambi’s collar: from noe valley pet co.


Blue Flowers

The back is still getting better, kids have been calling me grandma for the past 3 days.  I’ve been wearing the don’t-even-have-to-think-in-the-morning black pants/sweater combo for the past couple of days, so I decided to break out the prints today.  I bought this dress a couple summers ago when I was in Perth for a few weeks.  I still love it and in fact I picked up the old school saddle shoes a while ago to wear with this dress specifically.

These photos were snapped during lunch time.  I was on the lookout for kids.  By the way, my health class noticed how my nails matched my dress today.  A happy coincidence.

glasses: warby parker – cardigan, shirt (layered for the cold SF weather) and bag: j.crew – dress:hello by karen walker – belt/sash: taken from another shirt, F21 – tights: h&m – shoes: bass – watch: marc by marc jacobs

tiny flowers

It’s friday. The kids have finally stopped singing that Rebecca Black song on fridays.  I know floral jeans have been all over the blogosphere lately, my favorites here, there, here and there.  I’ve had these Forever 21 jeans sitting in my closet since last september and have only worn them once.  No better time than now to pull them out for the second time.  My students knew right away where I found these jeans.  One teenager even told me that she has the same pants.  Great.  I dress like a teenager.  A big teenager that can confiscate your hats and cell phones.  I really tall teenager who forces you to write TEA paragraphs about why income is the greatest indicator obesity in the US and then imitates your groaning.  Happy friday, kids!

glasses: bonlook – necklace, blazer and jeans: F21 – tank: target – v-neck: threads for thought via nordstrom rack – belt: gap – booties: steve madden – key lanyard: TMAHS

outfit stealing

I was browsing my usual blogs yesterday and came across this post from Calivintage (who got it from this post by, Milk Teeths).  I immediately pinned this look to my pinterest board for “looks I love”.  I already have high waisted blue pants!  So I stole the outfit idea and recreated it with what I already had in my closet.

By the way, these H&M Divided pants are the most comfortable pants ever.  It’s like wearing pajamas to work!  It was lunchtime, and I treated myself to a coffee ice cream bar.

glasses: bonlook – cardigan and pants: H&M – blouse: UO (from 2006!) – shoes: Target – bag and belt: J.Crew

A couple nights ago I painted sock monkey faces onto my nails.  Cute right?

“No offense Ms. Schenck, but you kinda look like a nurse.”

I’ve had this white dress for over a year and today was only the second time I’ve worn it.  It’s been living unworn in my closet this whole time.  I stare at it every once in a while, but that was about it until I saw this post by Cheetah is the New Black.  I was inspired to pull it out and try something similar.  I love the dress, but it’s white.  That means I’m just asking for a big red stain.  Which was exactly what happened today at lunch.  I grabbed a sponge that is normally used for dissecting kits and trays, splashed some soap on it and managed to scrub the heck out of the stain.  Semi success, enough to keep it still looking like a ‘nurse dress’ (Thanks, kid in 6th period, for that comment.  Nothing wrong with looking like a nurse!)

Teachers have outside lives too that we have to remember to nurture.  So this evening was pizza catch up night with Zhaoeezy (Ann).  She was my photog and my comic relief for the night.  Not to mention friend and pizza chef.  Thanks Ann!

scarf: gift from Aimee, F21 – cardigan: hella old from Therapy in SF – belt and tights: J. Crew – dress and raincoat: Anthropoligie – boots: steve madden -tote: gift from my sis, Marc by Marc Jacobs


First thing in the morning:    Teen – “Ms. Schenck, do you have brownies for us today?”  Me – “Uhhh, no, why?”    Teen – “Because you look like one!  Hahahaha”

Kids.  They think they are so funny.  Today was the start of our Mental Health unit in Health class. I usually start it off with a 5 min interview where the class can ask me any question they want with the caveat that I can abstain from answering anything I want.  2nd period just wanted to know if I’ve done drugs and/or smoke weed (abstained).  4th period wanted to know about my sex life (abstained) and if I would date Mr. Won (we’re both taken).  6th period wanted to know how I was in high school (awkward and unsure of myself).  All periods asked me if I wanted to get married eventually and have kids.  Two best questions I got today was, “What do you like about teaching science?” and “Who inspires you?”  I like seeing how science can empower people to make better choices for themselves and I love seeing students make sense of their own experiences using principles they learned in science class.  My students inspire me, as well as a large assortment of people both in and out of education.  Brownies inspire me, and there were brownies waiting for me at home this evening, baked by my neighbor.  =)

glasses: Warby Parker – necklace: Flea Market Girl – cardigan: J.Crew – Dress: UO – belt: H&M – leggings: Target – boots: ZiGiny – classroom: Ms. Hsu’s

sunday strolls

It was freezing today by SF standards.  48 degrees!  B and I decided to take a sunday stroll so we walked 7.73 miles today.  We walked from his apartment to the Marina and back, stopping for shopping at Lululemon (B bought lounge pants that are actually long enough for his gangly manly legs), Urban Outfitters (still going with the 30% off sales!) and dinner at Umami Burger.  I’ve been dying to try this place ever since they opened up here in SF (there is one in LA too I think).  Look at the brown sugar on the sweet potato fries!!!

B and I had fun playing with new found features on my camera while we waited for food.

It was sooo cold.  I’m glad I got to put the spoils of my last shopping trip to good use.

beanie and sunnies: F21 – sweater: UO men’s dept. – puffy vest and bag: J.Crew – jeans: Uniqlo – shoes: minetonka via UO