Crowns, crumpets and Jason.

One thing I dislike about being a responsible adult is scheduling.  It evolved slowly.  double bookings here and there, missed deadlines occasionally.  Then it started snowballing and I realized I had to start scheduling everything.  What’s even harder than maintaining my own schedule is trying to match it with two other schedules, Devon’s and Marisa’s.  We manage to do it though, averaging one chick date a month.

This month, our chick date was for afternoon tea at Crown and Crumpet. Super cute, super girlie and just the thing to revive me from last night’s Glass Candy show.  Tea, scones, crumpets, and sandwiches with no crusts really does wonders.  We got temporary tattoos with our tea.  =)

I lucked out and scored a Jason Wu for Target dress last week.  It must have been a return because the day it debuted, both SF area Targets sold out.  I saw it randomly when I stopped in for nail polish and promptly snatched it up.  This also meant I had to give myself a matching manicure.  The pink dress was perfect for tea and a sunny brisk SF day.

the chicks, Devon and Marisa.

<– weird stretched arm self shot trying to get in my earrings.

dress: Jason Wu for Target – cardigan, bag and tights: J.Crew – booties: Steve Madden – earrings: gift from B’s mum – sunnies: old Anthropologie

happy in plaid

One of my TAs (I have one this year!) helped me out yesterday and snapped these photos.  She kept laughing at me, and when I told her I kept a blog, she shrugged and was all, “I know.”   …  huh.

Physiology 5th period: the usual class commenter said, “Ms. Schenck you look like a picnic today.”  awesome

I saw this dress a while ago on refinery29.  I liked it and made a mental note.  At the time even on sale, it was more than I was willing to shell out.  A few weeks later, lo and behold, I came across is in the sale dungeon of Urban Outfitters with and extra 50% off the sale price.  woot woot!  I grabbed it, debated keeping it for a few days, and ended up wearing it.  It’s a good day/work dress (with leggings, as it is super short on me).  quirky colors means teenager eyes are more attracted.







dress: APC Madras, similar here – long sleeve: Old Navy – leggings and necklace: f21 – boots: frye via nordies rack – watch: marc by marc via nordies rack – rx sunglasses: bonlook – on the wrist: paracord from B and gold bracelet from my popo (grandma) from when I was a kid

electric feel

“Hey Ms. Schenck, did you borrow your pants from Rainbow Bright?”

har har.  yes I did.  I’ve been having a love affair with brightly colored pants for the past 6 months. like here and here and most definitely here.

glasses: bonlook – necklace: dunno, gift from somewhere on etsy – blazer: madewell – t.shirt: threads for thoughts from Nordies Rack – pants:f21 – shoes: DV Dolce Vita

The “you must have a date tonight!” outfit

Teenagers notice everything.  Nothing will slip past them, especially not when they spend an hour (sometimes 2) staring at you as you teach.  Coincidentally, teenagers are also trying to figure out their mental–>verbal filters. Random/inappropriate/funny/embarrassing/ghastly things come flying out of mouths daily. Case in point: “Ms. S, you look really nice today…..OMG YOU MUST HAVE A DATE TONIGHT!!!!”

No, I don’t have a date tonight.  Can’t I wear a skirt every once in a while?  Especially when said skirt is new and super cute?  Never mind that I still have the usual teacher hairdo (more like the non-do).

My health class says hello BTW.  They left me a message that I just found this morning.

Glasses : bonlook – necklace/bracelet : my mom’s from when she was 12 – tee/belt/skirt : j.crew – cardi : super old from Therapy – shoes : nine west (also seen here) – watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordies Rack

caustic parents

It’s a monday.  I have a 4pm parent-teacher meeting.  So I dress accordingly, which in the teaching profession translates as a button up shirt.  Don’t I look so serious and intellectual? Never mind that in Physiology class today we spent some time talking about pelvises, coccyxes and how big the inlet and outlet is in women compared to men.  I am totally serious, even when my hand is simulating a baby’s head going through a woman’s pelvis. No giggling allowed.  This is my serious we-are-going-to-learn-anatomy face.

The awesomeness starts when I call to confirm scheduled parent-teacher meeting.  Phone number is disconnected!  Teenager of parent comes to 6th period with her attitude fully adjusted to normal levels.  She calls mom on her cell phone (magical special phone number), mom confirms meeting time (4pm), with a few crass words thrown in for effect.  Fantastic.  4:30pm…no mom.  So much for the seriousness!!

This means I get to go home and eat cranberry pumpkin bread!  Bambi is happy, she gets to vacuum crumbs. Woot woot!  Even better: a Pho date with the besterest dean of students ever, Mr. Emmi for later in the evening.  Teachers have lives too, you know.

Glasses: bonlook – shirt and tank: j.crew – pants: f21 – watch: marc by marc jacobs – shoes: nine west (on sale!)