No news here, just some new additions:

New hair – free, through the Model Project at Bumble and Bumble University.  I don’t know when I started to get so cheap about my hair.  In my early 20’s I used to have a regular stylist whom I visited religiously every 6 weeks to get my hair cut/colored/touched etc.  I guess all that eventually gave me wallet fatigue, because I stopped doing much with my hair in my mid 20’s. It whittled down from $150 haircuts to $60 cuts to $12 Great Clips cuts to $0 sister with a pair to Friskars cuts.

BK rooftops

New hole – B was out of town last weekend and I was bored on Saturday night but also didn’t feel like going all the way to Williamsburg to meet a friend for drinks.  I’m no stranger to piercings (see here, here and here), so I headed to my friendly neighborhood shop, The End is Near.  Hello new anti-tragus hole.  It’s still swollen and the skin around it is flaking, but it’s healing nicely now.  For those who have to ask, no, getting it done didn’t hurt.  But the aftercare/healing hella hurts.

antitragus piercing

New stripey top – I went shopping yesterday and picked up a number of t-shirt type tops from Forever 21 and H&M. This one, from F21, is supposed to be a dress.  But with my freakishly long torso and 6’0″ frame, it’s a shirt, albeit a long shirt.  I like the stripes (like everyone else in the blogosphere/world, I love nautical stripes) and the little pocket on the boobie.  It will be good for a lazy, I don’t want to think in the morning item to throw on for the classroom.


On that note, I haven’t been posting lately.  I’ve been lazy and I haven’t bothered with being inventive with my wardrobe.  So what have I been wearing lately?  See this post and this post.  That’s basically it, along with about 4 layers of sweaters, coats, scarves and hat because it’s been damn cold here in NY.

I’ve been listening to New Edition lately.  I’m nostalgic for the days of classic R&B where they didn’t feel the need to include words like bitches, hoes, bootie, and ‘got your girl workin for me’.  So, here’s a little palate cleanser.

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