I was happy to be back in SF last week, but I’m also happy to be home.  It was a week filled with friends and also included a three day snowboarding side trip in Tahoe (the kids picked up on the irony of heading to Cali to find snow – I got a lot of comments on that today).  There really is nothing like San Francisco air (except maybe the water!).  Spring break is already around the corner, and I’ll be getting another breath of fresh air when Aimee comes to visit!

orange you glad

orange you glad2

orange you glad3

This wrinkly top is an old one from Madewell.  I have a slight obsession with the color (burnt sienna?), but the material seems to harbor smells.  TMI?

glasses: warby parker – sweater: uniqlo – blouse: madewell – tank (underneath) & jeans: f21 – boots: steve madden – belt: j.crew – necklace: my mom’s hand-me-down

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