4 years ago, I had a student named Aaron in my Anatomy/Physiology class that had mad swag.  His wardrobe didn’t change all that often, but man, that kid had (probably still has) some serious style.  He always looked mature, fly, and chic all at the same time.  It took me all year, but I finally put my finger on why he had such swag: He always buttoned his shirts up to the top button.  It looked great, in a slightly nerdy, chic kind of way.  After that year, I started doing the same.  I button it all the way up.  I borrowed some of his swag, and I still like the look, 4 years later.

buttoned up buttoned up2

glasses: warby parker – top: h&m (super old) – jeans: f21 – belt – gap – shoes: swedish hasbeens

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