Back to School Night

We had back to school night the second week of school and I’m only now getting around to posting about it.  I’ve always struggled with BTS nights.  I always end the night feeling like I put my foot in my mouth a couple times.  Meeting parents for the first time always shakes my confidence a bit.  I’m a bit socially awkward around adults anyway, so meeting a bunch all at once is hard.  I always feel like I’m under scrutiny and that I’m being sized up.  Of course, this all stems from my own insecurities – I can hardly blame parents for wanting the best teachers for their kids.  I also shot myself in the foot this year by not taking the extra time needed to prepare a “Hi, I’m your kid’s Bio teacher this year, here’s some info about my background!” type presentation.  If I had, I probably would have had a more successful night.

Anyways, I chose to wear heels for BTS night this year.  It was a 13 hour day, and my feet were 100% comfortable as I walked my tired body and mind to my car at 8pm.  Midi skirts just always look better with some extra leg length.

BTS night4

BTS night3

BTS night

BTS night2

glasses: warby parker – top: uniqlo – belt: jcrew – skirt: anthropologie – shoes: sweedish hasbeens for h&m

Buttoned Up

4 years ago, I had a student named Aaron in my Anatomy/Physiology class that had mad swag.  His wardrobe didn’t change all that often, but man, that kid had (probably still has) some serious style.  He always looked mature, fly, and chic all at the same time.  It took me all year, but I finally put my finger on why he had such swag: He always buttoned his shirts up to the top button.  It looked great, in a slightly nerdy, chic kind of way.  After that year, I started doing the same.  I button it all the way up.  I borrowed some of his swag, and I still like the look, 4 years later.

buttoned up buttoned up2

glasses: warby parker – top: h&m (super old) – jeans: f21 – belt – gap – shoes: swedish hasbeens

the Seventh Annual First Day of School

Oh hai guys!  It’s been months since I’ve been around updating this blog.  The last spring and summer have been good to me.  Things went fairly smoothly in the spring and I ended the school year on a high note.  Change was on the way!  I decided to give it another year at my school with hopes (and determination) that this second year teaching in Denver would be 100 times better.

It’s fall again, and today was the first of two first days of school.  My school has 9th graders only for Monday, then the rest of the grades start on Tuesday.  This year, I’m teaching Honors Bio and regular Bio.  Also, I’m co-leading a team for the first time ever.  Exciting stuff for sure.  Also, we had a bit of an administration shake up and with that comes an opportunity to re-set the school/staff culture.  Everything is on the up and up this year, I can feel the positive vibes!

On a sentimental note, I’ve been thinking about the first batch of kids I ever had back in SF.  Some of them are now juniors in university and I sometimes like to stalk them on FB.  I read about where they are traveling/studying/interested in and I breath a huge sigh of relief that I didn’t mess them up too much my first year of teaching.  I was so clueless and disorganized.  I’m starting my 7th year of teaching this year, and I’ve learned something new and better each year!

On to the first of two first day of school outfits!  I picked up this cardigan/shirt/dress thing at F21 last spring.  It’s perfect to keep the chill off and add some interest.  I brought it with me to DC this past summer and my sister thought it was weird, but came around to it.  She ended up buying the same thing for herself near the end of my trip 😉7th 1st day3

7th 1st day2

7th 1st day

glasses: warby parker – cardigan: F21 similar – tank – uniqlo – skirt: jcrew – shoes: sweedish hasbeens


This skirt makes me feel womanly – like I’m finally dressing for my age, which thankfully has not started with a 1 or a 2 for a little while.  It feels good to be mature sometimes and out of colored skinny jeans (like yesterday).  Today was a long day and very trying.  I laughed, teased, lectured and lost it all in between 8am and 5pm.  By the time I got home I wanted to glue myself onto the couch and never get off.  I am a woman of few words today, with the new Daft Punk album to keep me company on the couch.




cardigan and tshirt: j.crew – belt: gap – skirt: anthropologie  last seen here– shoes: sweedish hasbeens


One thing I’ve learned in the past 4 years of teaching (which is not very long) is that you can’t take much personally. It was a hard lesson to learn in my first year (when one of my students stole my laptop and sold it on the street within 15 minutes), and even into my second. Kids are more concerned with what’s going on in their own lives than with yours. This means, if they didn’t do HW, it’s not because they don’t like you. Instead, it’s because they were up late last night with their own real life soap opera. If they take your pencil, it’s not because they don’t respect you. Instead, it’s because kids can’t keep track of their own writing utensils and their back packs are like black holes. You as a person are not even on their radar, let alone significant enough for them to care about potentially hurting your feelings with their careless actions. The same thing kind of goes for teachers. So don’t take it personally, it’s not all about you. Instead, it’s all about the kids. That is all. personals2

On a brighter note, I got NEW SUMMER SANDALS!!! They are taking some breaking in, especially at weird spots on my ankles with slight bony protrusions. I love them and they were a splurge (thanks, tax man for paying out my interest free loan!).





glasses: warby parker – top: anthropologie (soooo soft and perfectly drapey, similar in material) – jeans: bdg – shoes: sweedish hasbeens via madewell

easy days

Thursdays we have staff meetings and early release at my school.  This translates into ‘easy days’, meaning short 40 min classes and the kids get out at 1:30 pm.  The kids like the early time off, I like how the shortened classes make the day seem to blow by (expect for the fact that I still teach night school till 5:30).  Yesterday I decided to really take it easy with no makeup, my everyday bun and my favorite no fuss dress.  It’s stretchy, jersey, soft and simple.  I love this dress so much I have it in 2 other colors.  It’s seriously fantastic.   Pockets and all.

I picked up this one last year, but it’s still available online from here and here.  I’m seriously debating buying the one in grey to go with my black, turquoise and pumpkin one.

Side note:  I don’t normally wear tall shoes to school.  I tower over the kids enough.  Yesterday, I got comments such as, “damn.  Ms. Schenck is a giant!” and “Now I can see your nose hairs!”  Thanks kids.  I ❤ my hella worn in H&M sweedish hasbeens.

dress: many belles down via ambiance – cardigan, tights and shoes: h&m classroom: Ms. Hsu’s