Teacher Spotlight: Rachel

Rachel is the teacher spotlight this week!  I’ve always loved Rachel’s look – I’m pretty sure we shop at similar places.  Chances are good that if I’ve been debating on buying a particular dress or pair of shoes, Rachel will walk in to the staff room with that exact item on! I’m actually pretty surprised we haven’t inadvertently “twins-ied” yet. I loved Rachel’s jumper (as in playsuit, not sweater) today and was secretly envious that she could pull it off so well. One pieces never work for me since my height is all in the torso (not comfortable at all!) One day, I’ going to sew one for myself – extra long in the crotch. In the meantime, I can stare at Rachel’s and it’s awesome print.
We teachers always have something to learn from each other. Rachel, as a seasoned crew leader, has taught me how to have a crew and actually do good stuff with them. Last year, her crew kids were the only ones who put together their own community service project. At the time, I felt overwhelmed just thinking about organizing my crew for Student Led Conferences, not to mention a larger group effort to better the community. With some tips from Rachel though, I’m planning on tackling that this spring!




Rachel’s jumper: anthropologie from last summer – boots: j.crew

On another note, I’ve been uninspired by my closet lately and have been slopping it in my black jeans and buttons ups.  An example of this to come tomorrow.  In the meantime,  here’s yesterday in Central Park while out on a field trip with the 10th graders to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I busted out my old boy scouts shirt for the trip, and it helped me feel like a kid all morning on the way there.  But then, teenage shenanigans in the museum squashed my child like excitement and turned it into adult-like embarrassment.

Photo Oct 08, 12 46 15 PM

end of summer

I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can say that I am ready for school to start — at least my classroom is.  All my learning targets are up, my lessons planned for monday, my planning documents submitted to administration, and my walls are covered with marked areas for my three different classes.  This year I’m teaching Living Environment, Urban Agriculture (farms and cooking) and then I have my Crew.  That’s a total of 138 on my roster, an improvement over my 170 my first year teaching.

Today’s shirt is a new one from Anthro that is a little bit beachy, a little bit greek-ish and a tad bit french-ish.  I like that it has pockets.




top: anthropologie (on sale now) – jeans: f21 – shoes: saltwater sandals

The last hurrah, part 1: Savannah

Summer here in Brooklyn is on its way out.  Relatively cooler temps have taken over and I report back to school tomorrow for a planning week, then the first day of students is on September 9th.  It’s just about time to put the teacher hat back on along with the fall/winter layers.  I think I’m ready for the school year… at least until the “start of school anxiety” sets in and I start getting nightmares and/or insomnia.

As a last hurrah, my friend (and fellow teacher) Grace and I decided to take a road trip down south.  I’ve always wanted to check out the south, specifically Savannah, Georgia. I have this crazy romanticized image of Savannah, thanks to movies like Gone with The Wind and uh, *cough* Forces of Nature.  I’m drawn to the south, with its lushness, the incredible and controversial history, the drawl (swoon) and most of all, the food (here’s some butter, y’all).  Next on my list is a visit to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.  For our trip, Grace and I took 2 days getting down to Savannah and two days getting back.  We only spent one full day in Georgia, but it was just about enough time considering how small Savannah really is.  The night we got in, there was a blue moon.  Grace and I stayed at the 17hundred90 Inn, which is rumored to be haunted and a block away from a historic cemetery.  We didn’t experience anything creepy, but after hearing all those ghost stories I did wake up in the middle of the night super freaked out and scared to even peek out from the covers.  Grace laughed at me the next day, but I was seriously scared (of nothing)!

savannah 1

savannah 11The next day, Grace and I walked all over the historic district and then made our way over to the family style soul food restaurant Ms. Wilke’s.  The wait in line was well worth it and we gorged on all things fried, stewed and covered in cheese.  We walked it all off though, through Forsyth Park and all the other little squares in the area.  I really wanted to collect some spanish moss to bring home, but our haunted pub crawl guide Brittany told us the moss was full of chiggers.

savannah 8

savannah 7

savannah 6

savannah 10

savannah 5

savannah 14

Photo Aug 21, 9 03 33 PMGrace was nice enough to help me snap some photos of my new-ish dress, which was perfect for the hot and humid Savannah weather.  This dress is as close as I’ll ever get to the ridiculous mullet trend that just needs to die.  Proper in the front, party in the back!  My new birthday shades from B were a perfect match.

savannah 2

savannah 4

savannah 3

sunnies: knockaround – dress: anthropologie (on sale now!) – bag: h&m – shoes: madewell


This skirt makes me feel womanly – like I’m finally dressing for my age, which thankfully has not started with a 1 or a 2 for a little while.  It feels good to be mature sometimes and out of colored skinny jeans (like yesterday).  Today was a long day and very trying.  I laughed, teased, lectured and lost it all in between 8am and 5pm.  By the time I got home I wanted to glue myself onto the couch and never get off.  I am a woman of few words today, with the new Daft Punk album to keep me company on the couch.




cardigan and tshirt: j.crew – belt: gap – skirt: anthropologie  last seen here– shoes: sweedish hasbeens


One thing I’ve learned in the past 4 years of teaching (which is not very long) is that you can’t take much personally. It was a hard lesson to learn in my first year (when one of my students stole my laptop and sold it on the street within 15 minutes), and even into my second. Kids are more concerned with what’s going on in their own lives than with yours. This means, if they didn’t do HW, it’s not because they don’t like you. Instead, it’s because they were up late last night with their own real life soap opera. If they take your pencil, it’s not because they don’t respect you. Instead, it’s because kids can’t keep track of their own writing utensils and their back packs are like black holes. You as a person are not even on their radar, let alone significant enough for them to care about potentially hurting your feelings with their careless actions. The same thing kind of goes for teachers. So don’t take it personally, it’s not all about you. Instead, it’s all about the kids. That is all. personals2

On a brighter note, I got NEW SUMMER SANDALS!!! They are taking some breaking in, especially at weird spots on my ankles with slight bony protrusions. I love them and they were a splurge (thanks, tax man for paying out my interest free loan!).





glasses: warby parker – top: anthropologie (soooo soft and perfectly drapey, similar in material) – jeans: bdg – shoes: sweedish hasbeens via madewell

Some Random Tuesday

These are from last week, when we were all stressed over our School Quality review. It also happened to be one of the first beautiful spring days of 2013.  Of course, now that the SQR is over and we can actually enjoy life again, it’s overcast and cold. On this day last week, my legs made an appearance for the fist time this year.  Hello spring!  I’m also a particular fan of this sweater, found in the clearance cave of Anthropologie.  B hates it – he says it’s too granny hipster for him.  Whateves, I LOVE IT.  Tuesday3


Tuesday 4

glasses: bonlook – necklace: unicorn crafts – sweater: anthopologie – belt and skit: j.crew – shoes and white tank: target


It’s the first day back from spring break, so I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to take another week off to relax.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), that’s not an option – so second best is a super lax get up for the day.  I found this skirt hidden deep in the sale dungeon at Anthropologie while out walking with B yesterday.  I felt the warm, thick stretchy material of the skirt and pictured myself in it:  lounging at my desk with my feet up watching over a classroom full of kids as they work diligently on their final papers.  One can dream, right?  I can already tell that this skirt, even with its crazy ass print (for me) and weird length is going to be a classroom staple.  lax




sweater: j.crew – white t: target – skirt: anthropologie – booties: bp – watch: fossil

throwback, kinda

This dress hasn’t been worn since this post, last year, and my has time flown by.  It’s still winter around here, so tights alone were not enough.  Thus the socks over – just enough added warmth, and a way to wear thigh-highs without feeling like Cher Horowitz.  throwback



dress: anthropologie (old) – cardigan and tights: uniqlo – high socks: asos – boots: steve madden

double down

It’s a double down week.  This is my typical clothing strategy…wear the same thing all week with a dress or two in between to break it up.  It cuts down on laundry, something I actually have to be conscious of here in NY, where I have to lug laundry out of the building.  This week is a perfect example of that strategy.  Monday: Forever 21 stretch jeans and a hoodie (staff PD day, no kids),  Tuesday: dress, Wednesday and Thursday: Forever 21 stretch jeans and a creamish/whiteish topper.  Also, we’ve been in the lab this week, working on a 4 day procedure aimed at demonstrating osmosis and diffusion with onion cells and dialysis tubing.  It’s been fun and I love lab days – but the heater has been stuck on “broil” in the lab room.  Oh hello, extreme temperature changes!

Exhibit A of double down: Wednesdaydouble down

double down2

double down3

Exhibit B: Thursday

double duty2

double duty

Pardon the cheesy “hands on hips” pose.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

Wednesday ~ shirt: tobi – necklace and jeans: f21 – belt: h&m

Thursday ~ (old) glasses: salt – sweater: (old) anthropologie (last seen here)- jeans: f21 – belt: h&m – shoes: minetonka

basics round up part 1: the booties

When booties are your jam, you tend to stock pile them.  Part one of my closet basics round up, the bootie.

I picked up my newest addition to the group this past week when J.Crew was having their 30% off sale items promotion.  I “needed” a brown bootie in my collection.  When I got them, my sister exclaimed that “they look exactly same as all the other shoes you have!” to which I replied, “no they don’t, they’re totally different!  They’re brown!”

If I were not such a sucker for shopping and spending my hard earned teacher cash, I’d be more realistic and be fine with having one pair of boots that go with everything.  But no, I’m a product of this consumerist American society, so I have 10 – all well worn and in constant rotation.  We all have that one (or many) thing that we get sucked into right?  Well, the first of my many things is…the bootie.  I like small booties and I can not lie.

Even more ridiculous and consumerist, I lust after these, these and these booties.  They will be mine.  Oh yes, they will be mine.

top, then grid in order of age: j.crew aggie bootanthropologie inclined chelsea boot – zara studded cowboy ankle bootecote alexandra suede ankle boot – anthropologie woven clog bootiessteven by steve madden noahh boot dv by dolce vita jamison bootboutique 9 cooper boot – nine west – bp from nordstrom